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Warwood Elementary School Principal Joey Subasic and Vice Principal James Rowing thank the Wheeling City Council for their assistance in installing ADA compliant play facilities.

WHEELING — The playground at Warwood Elementary School will be expanded to better accommodate young students with disabilities this spring.

The Wheeling City Council on Tuesday approved a $26,000 funding extension to schools across Ohio County to help install handicapped portions of the playground designed for first-graders and junior highs. younger. Principal Joey Subasic and James Rowing were on hand to discuss the school’s needs and to brief the board on where the money was going.

“This playground is fully ADA compliant, handicapped accessible for grades one and under, and that allows us to meet the needs of those students,” Subasic said at Tuesday’s board meeting. . “There are a lot of constraints that come with students with these needs and how they have to navigate the playground.”

Installation is expected to begin in December, with an expected completion date of early spring.

“We can put the tools in the ground. We have the sidewalks sunk, the fences erected, the accessibility is there. This allows us to put the tools in place,” said Subasic.

This year, Warwood Elementary launched its lagging pre-K curriculum, which comes with a stringent set of regulations, which this project will help address. Subasic said the playground would be accessible to students during school hours, but would be open to the public after hours.

The city’s money roughly matches what the school has raised for the project over the past 10 years, Subasic said.

“They started fundraising about 10 years ago, then the link happened, the construction came up, and then COVID. It took a long time and we were able to raise $24,000 through community efforts,” he said.

On Friday, Subasic thanked city council member Chad Thalman for his support in achieving the school’s goals.

“He was the one who worked with me on this,” he said. “He’s the one who, if we see each other while we’re out, he says, ‘Let me know how I can help you get that playground.’ The school really wants to thank him and his diligence, for making this possible.

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Harold B. McConnell