Watch video: Killer whales attack US amusement park

Disturbing images showing two killers whales tackling SeaWorld, an amusement park in the United States, has surfaced online.

The eyewitness images were shared by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The clip showed the two killer whales attacking each other in the pool. A terrified child is heard saying in the background, “How is he still alive? I thought they were kissing, not fighting.

“We all immediately saw blood soaking in the water, which made my 9-year-old daughter cry,” an eyewitness quoted by PETA said in a tweet. Citing the eyewitness, the animal rights group said in a press release that bite marks and fresh wounds were seen on the side of a whale.

Watch the video here:

PETA also said it filed a lawsuit against the amusement park with the U.S. Department of Agriculture alleging federal violations of animal welfare law for housing incompatible animals together. The press release added that the incident happened a day after the death of an orca.

“Within two days, one orca died and another was attacked by other frustrated and tightly confined orcas, resulting in serious injury – and young children witnessed the carnage,” said Tracy Reiman, executive vice president by PETA. Press release.

However, SeaWorld claimed the video was misleading. A spokesperson for the amusement park was quoted as saying by The star of the day“The video posted by PETA is misleading and misinterpreted.”

“In fact, this shows the common behaviors of killer whales exhibited by both wild populations and those cared for by humans through natural social interactions,” the spokesperson added.

Harold B. McConnell