WATCH: Drone flies over Valleyfair theme park in new video

The new clip is the pilot’s latest project behind the viral Bryant Lake Bowl and Glensheen Mansion videos.

SHAKOPEE, Minnesota – Editor’s Note: The above video originally aired on KARE 11 on June 30, 2021.

Valleyfair has closed for the season, but the theme park leaves adrenaline junkies with one last thrill.

Jay Christensen, the drone pilot behind the viral videos of Bryant Lake Bowl, Mall of America, Glensheen Mansion and more, has released a new video of the booming amusement park.

In the two-and-a-half-minute video, a drone hovers over a roller coaster, narrowly misses the spray from the log channel, and climbs to the top of the Power Tower with a group of costume-clad thrill-seekers.

You can watch the full video here.

Christensen, the pilot behind JayByrdFilms, first went viral with his drone video of Bryant Lake Bowl. This video has over 2 million views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands more on Twitter.

In March, Christensen told KARE 11 that it took about five tries before the team started filming with actors inside the bowling alley.

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“We probably did 10 takes with the camera on,” Christensen said. “The first ones the timing was out and we were getting to a certain game and the bowler wouldn’t be there, or maybe the drone was a little out of position so it was cool to see, halfway through the game. process, how we kind of had to restructure everything. “

Then Mighty Ducks fans enjoyed a healthy dose of nostalgia when Christensen and his team took to the Mall of America for a flight.

Then, in June, history buffs had a bird’s eye view of Glensheen Mansion. Anthony Jaska, director and co-founder of Rally Studios, helped organize the many actors who have moved through the halls of the Duluth Historic Landmark throughout the video. Rally Studios is a full-service creative studio that includes the Christensen company.

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“It was actually the first shoot where I hadn’t had at least one minor accident,” Christensen said.

You can see more of Christensen’s work on his YouTube page.

Harold B. McConnell