Wandsworth: drugs found near Latchmere playground

Drugs were found near a children’s play area in Latchmere, Wandsworth.

Police were called to a report of anti-social behavior at a playground on Este Road yesterday.

Several men were searched at the scene, but police made no arrests.

Drug packets were found nearby and removed.

Police do not believe the two incidents are related.

Officers said they will continue to patrol this playground and other problem areas and take action against those who break the law.

Latchmere Police tweeted: ‘Officers responded to a call from ASB in Este Road Recreation Yard today.

“Several men were searched, but no arrests were made.

“We have captured information and we will act accordingly.

“These drugs were found nearby.

‘While not believed to be involved they are now off the streets’ Officers were made up of @MPSLatchmere @MPSStMarysPark and @MPSBalham.

“We will continue to patrol this area and other problematic hotspots and will act and enforce where necessary.”

Harold B. McConnell