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Push and pull it. Twisting and turning. The adrenaline. Suspense. The danger. The knot in the stomach. All of this and more may lead you to believe that the roller coaster, the crowning glory of most amusement parks, is the least crowded. However, this is far from the case. There is a thrill; a dance with danger, which we all strangely adore. Or maybe it’s the feeling of being up in the air, the kind we’ve always enjoyed since the days when our parents threw us up in the air.

This and more are what would define a typical family outing to Cedar Point, Ohio, consistently voted one of America’s top amusement parks. However, Cedar Point is not limited to roller coasters. Although choosing the best route, or simply choosing one, can be like solving a differential calculus. Besides being a theme park, Cedar Point has several other family attractions.

Cedar Point Roller Coaster Rides for 2022

Cedar Point boasts of being the roller coaster capital of the world. It’s like blowing your own trumpet. Something we tend to frown upon. Yet in the case of Cedar Point, with 17 uniquely impressive roller coasters, second only to California’s Six Flags, you’d be hard pressed to deny the devil his due. According to Statista’s 2022 Top Thrill Dragster ranking, Cedar Points at 128 meters high, is the second tallest roller coaster on the planet. But don’t plan your trip yet. Not for Top Thrill Dragster this year. In August 2021, a piece of metal broke off the coaster and fell on the head of a middle-aged woman who was waiting for her turn on the coaster. The Ohio Department of Agriculture ordered repairs before the Top Thrill Dragster could come back to life. And Wicked Twister, one of Cedar Park’s signature rides, and the tallest double-twisting roller coaster in the world at the time, was also retired.

But this information should not put a damper on the morale of roller coaster enthusiasts. There are still many scary and thrilling rides to choose from. Many still swear that the Steel Vengeance is the best hybrid coaster on the planet. This journey takes 2 and a half minutes; takes you 205 feet high through scary inversions, twists and turns, before plunging you 200 feet at a 90 degree angle. Maverick, Millennium Force, GateKeeper and Valravn are other roller coaster rides at Cedar Point. Valravn is particularly a wild hit. According to Cedar Point, this is the tallest, fastest, and longest diving roller coaster in the United States. It’s an exaggerated swing that will graze the nerves of the most daring. It’s a heavenly hell affair of 2 minutes and 23 seconds. At the other end, the defining feature of the GateKeeper is its side wings which give the ride the impression of a suspended, encircling and airy open field.

  • Direction from Cedar Point: Cedar Point is located at 1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

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Other Fun Family Activities in Cedar Park for 2022

For families with children, it may seem disappointing that your children do not enjoy the thrill of the roller coaster. There is a minimum size a rider must have. Yet, Cedar Point is extremely famous for its family fun. So what’s the secret? Kids can always have fun at Camp Snoopy, Planet Snoopy, and Kiddy Kingdom, with all three areas offering plenty of fun activities designed just for kids. All of these areas are great for fun with the kids, but Camp Snoopy tends to be a favorite with families. There are car rides, mini-trains and road rallies. To prove that Cedar Point is intentional with family fun, there’s a Family Care Center right next to Planet Snoopy. There are also changing tables and baby feeding areas, all to ensure parents have the best experience. A popular activity for children will be missing from the menu this year: the ride in vintage cars. A new restaurant will take place at its former location. However, with the Cadillac Cars Ride still going strong and thriving, there should be no cloud of disappointment for youngsters.

Other family attractions include regular live entertainment that will leave your children mesmerized by a show involving talented dancers and a wide range of musical styles and genres. Although Cedar Point management has yet to release a schedule for 2022, there are signs the shows are returning after the pandemic hiatus. Additionally, a partnership with Field Motor Sports enabled the staging of Monster Jam Thunder Alley, a thrilling race inside a monster track, before the pandemic. We hope he will return. Of course, for food and refreshments, Cedar Point will leave you perplexed with its many delicious and tempting offerings.

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Families should watch for the price change this year. For example, adult passes that used to cost $75 will now cost $85, but only $45 if purchased online, in a now completely cashless system. Finally, children don’t just like water! You can cool off at Cedar Point Shores Water Park where your kids can enjoy Lakeslide Landing, among other water park activities. A visit to Cedar Point should be on your bucket list. This is one of the amusement parks that defies logic but is worth every penny.

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