Vandals Strike Kokomo Playground, Latest Crime in Indian Heights Neighborhood

KOKOMO, Ind. – Kokomo police are investigating several crimes in a southern neighborhood of the city. A playground is covered in graffiti, on the slides, in the tunnel and even under the equipment.

“It happens too much and too often,” said Debby Rayn, a neighbor.

Overnight vandals spray-painted vulgar images and words all over Mohawk Park. This is just the latest crime in the Indian Heights neighborhood.

“It costs people money. It’s childish and really, we’re trying to beautify our community and it really affects the neighborhood,” said Maj. Brian Seldon of the Kokomo Police Department.

For the past two months, Kokomo Police have been called almost daily to the Indian Heights neighborhood for trouble or mischief.

Last week, someone broke a car window. Besides the playground, vandals also struck a nearby tree, fences and a motorhome.

“They just go and do what they want when they want. It’s terrible here. It really is,” Rayn said.

Debby Rayn lives in the Indian Heights neighborhood. She used to bring her grandchildren to this park, but not anymore.

“We are all frustrated because our children come to play here. I have grandchildren who come to play here and I don’t want to bring them here because of all the graffiti on it,” said neighbor Debby Rayn.

Even the Indian Heights Community Church was not banned. A few weeks ago, a few people pushed the air conditioner and entered through a window. The pastor says FOX59’s neighbors ended up chasing the suspects.

“It’s worrying because they’re getting closer to home and that’s a no,” Rayn said.

It will take major work to clear this playground, while Rayn hopes this will be the last crime his neighborhood will face.

“What do we have to do to stop this? What steps do we need to take as a community to stop this? Rayn said.

The police are asking the owners to check their surveillance cameras. If you see anything suspicious, call the Kokomo police.

Harold B. McConnell