Use Rokr amusement park music box puzzles to play with your kids

Music boxes are a great way to enjoy high quality music at home that requires no more power than the hand crank itself. If you want to play music with your kids or reminisce about the songs you loved when you were a kid, build a DIY music box to brighten up your living room or your kid’s room. This article is here to help you get there. Follow the instructions and let your kids participate in a fun DIY project. Build them a wooden music box that can brighten their day!

ROKR Parachute Tower DIY Music Box EA01

ROKR Parachute Tower DIY Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle EA01 is a great gift for your kids. It has a unique design that will catch your kids’ attention. This toy will help your children develop their creativity and imagination. This toy also helps them develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive skills. This toy is made of high quality material which makes it durable and long lasting. Moreover, it comes with an instruction manual, which will allow you to easily assemble the toy without the help of others around you. You can easily create this toy by following the instructions in the manual that came with the product at the time of purchase.

This toy has an assembled dimension of H: 11.8″ (30cm), W: 5.5″ (14cm), and D: 5.5″ (14cm), making it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere where you go with your children! You can use this toy as an educational tool for your children as it helps them develop their creativity in an innovative way! It also helps them develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive skills!

Steps to assemble

The ROKR Parachute Tower DIY music box puzzle is a beautiful design that can be customized with your photos. It’s a great gift for kids and adults! The ROKR Parachute Tower DIY Music Box 3D wooden puzzle consists of the base and the top. The base is made of wood, while the upper part is made of acrylic, which makes it more attractive. The acrylic frame can be rotated to open and close the music box cover. Here are tips on how to DIY:

  • Unfold the wooden puzzle to see an image of a parachute tower.
  • Remove the clear plastic film from the back of the puzzle and place it on a flat surface.
  • Use scissors to cut out the wooden puzzle pieces.
  • Assemble the pieces according to the diagram in your instruction manual, then put glue on all sides of each piece before gluing them together.
  • Please wait 24 hours for your music box kit to dry properly before playing with your children!

ROKR Swing Ride DIY Music Box EA02

The ROKR Swing Ride DIY Music Box 3D wooden puzzle EA02 is a great gift for kids and adults. It’s the perfect way to pass the time and get creative with your child. The box includes a swing, which can be assembled by simply following the manual included in the package. The puzzle is made of high quality wood and has a beautiful design that will surely catch your eye.

It is important to note that this product is only recommended for eight-year-olds. This is because some parts of the kit may require adult supervision due to small parts that may pose a choking hazard. This puzzle also comes with its songbook, so you can follow along while putting it together easily. This makes it perfect for simple puzzlers who want to learn how to create their designs!

The kit includes all the parts needed to assemble the swing, including a roof and seats for two people. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so it’s suitable for kids over four who love arts and crafts. Here are some of the features:

  • A fun way for kids to spend time with parents or friends
  • The wooden swing makes beautiful music when assembled correctly
  • Includes all the parts needed to build your swing set
  • Great gift idea for any occasion

Steps to assemble the ROKR Swing Ride EA02 3D wooden puzzle

First, you will need to tear off the paper on the item. You can use your hands or a knife if you want. Then you can assemble the parts of this DIY music box kit. You can follow the instruction guide provided by Amusement Park Theme before you start making this toy for your kids. here are the steps to follow:

Cut the pieces

Use a cutter and a ruler to cut the pieces of wood. Make sure to cut the details on the lines and use a sanding block to smooth the edges.

Assemble the base

The base has two sides, two corners and two crosspieces that connect them. The kit comes with pre-drilled holes in each piece making it easy to assemble. Match each hole and insert a screw into each hole (two screws per side) until they are tight together. You should not overtighten these screws as they break easily!

Assemble the swing tower

The swing tower will have several steps to put it together, but once you get past that step it should be pretty straightforward from now on! First, attach one side to each corner with two screws (four screws in total). Then place a crossbar on each side and secure them with two more screws in each corner piece (two sets of four original screws). Finally, place your top piece on top of this assembly and secure it with two more screws at each end.

ROKR Tilt-A-Whirl Music Box DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle EA04

The ROKR Tilt-A-Whirl DIY Music Box is a fun way to learn about gears, music, and mechanics. This is a great project for kids as they will not only be able to see how the kits work but also how they make music. The puzzle includes all the pieces needed to build it, including instructions. The instructions are simple to follow and shouldn’t be difficult for most people to create. Once you’ve finished making your puzzle, you can put it together and play with it!

The ROKR Tilt-A-Whirl DIY Music Box comes with everything you need to build your puzzle. The kit includes all the pieces needed to complete the puzzle and make it playable. You’ll need glue and scissors to complete the assembly of this kit, but other than that, there’s nothing else you need to start making your puzzles!

This kit was designed to be both educational and fun so kids can learn while they play. Kids will love seeing how things work while learning about music! It’s a great way for kids to get active,


ROKR Tilt-A-Whirl DIY Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle EA04 allows users to create a fun musical toy that attracts the attention of children and adults. It brings joy to crafty people as they work on assembling their new toys. This is a well made product with precision cut gears and strings. Here are the creation steps:

  • Open the box and take out the wooden kit.
  • Remove all parts from their stapled plastic bags and place them on a flat surface.
  • Carefully remove all stickers from the wooden parts.
  • Inspect each part for any faults or missing parts. If there is a problem with any details, you should contact ROKR immediately so they can send you replacement parts at no cost to complete the assembly of your puzzle.
  • Start by attaching roller coaster car wheels to each of the four corners of your first base piece using glue or tape (not included).
  • Attach two more wheels to each end of this base piece to look like a rocket blasting off into space! You should now have eight wheels attached to this first base piece (4 on each side).
  • Then attach another base piece to one end of your first base piece using glue or tape (not included). This second base piece should have four holes drilled through it with dowels sticking out of each corner, where we’ll attach our next set of wheels later in this step-by-step tutorial!


If you want to introduce kids to the enjoyable world of DIY, these DIY music box kits are a must. They’re packed with materials that kids love and will love to watch as they magically scroll through like a music video. Anyone can play music from it. You don’t need to be an expert. Kids can learn the art of producing different tones and melodies with these DIY kits and create their own music while relaxing at home or running errands with the family. A few supplies and some mechanical knowledge will suffice to make your miniature version of a music box.

Harold B. McConnell