UK heatwave forces amusement park visitors to ride roller coasters

The ride could not start due to the evacuation process

The UK is experiencing severe heat waves, with record high temperatures and power cuts due to overheating equipment. Because of this, some unfortunate people caught on a roller coaster at Staffordshire’s AltonTowers amusement park were forced down a flight of stairs to reach the ground.

A guest named Dean shared a photo of the heartbreaking experience on Twitter. He wrote: “An Oblivion shuttle stopped at the top, I’m sure the magic water bottles will be out right away in this heat.”

The guest created a Twitter thread with the images of people stuck in the roller coaster until the evacuation took place.

According to the post, bottled water was provided to people enduring the scorching heat.

He also said the ride was unable to start due to the evacuation process. Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the evacuation process. Guests were given water bottles and a harness to get back down to the ground.

The record heat caused melted signaling equipment and damaged railway tracks in Britain on Wednesday. Due to the high temperatures, train services have been severely disrupted across the UK.

Harold B. McConnell