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Connecticut is home to dozens of gorgeous beaches, but we can promise you none are as unique as this one. This abandoned Fairfield County amusement park finally reopened as a public beach in 2014 and has quite a fascinating history, keep reading to find out more.

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Pleasure Beach was an amusement park that opened along the Long Island Sound in Bridgeport in 1892. The park was designed to save Connecticut residents from having to travel to other states for fun . In its heyday, the park featured several roller coasters, carnival games, theaters, and a beautifully designed carousel. This same carousel is now at Beardsley Zoo.

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The city of Bridgeport bought the amusement park in 1938, but a few decades later the park went bankrupt and was forced to close. Over the next several years, a series of fires broke out throughout the park, destroying most of the rides and part of the ballroom. In the 1980s, the abandoned amusement park became a very seedy area filled with drug addicts and taggers.

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Despite this, the area surrounding this unique peninsula has remained a beautiful summer destination with a promenade, soft sand and excellent views of Bridgeport and Stratford. Over the years, many corporations and business owners have shown interest in rebuilding the area, including Disney, Donald Trump and Steve Wynn. Finally, in 2009, the county decided to clean up the area. The remains of the abandoned amusement park were eventually demolished and the vandalized pavilion fully restored.

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Today, the city of Bridgeport even offers a water taxi service to Pleasure Beach for visitors from near and far. The boardwalk here has been repaired and there is now a large lawn with picnic tables. To learn more about the history of Pleasure Beach, be sure to check out this detailed article.

Address: Pleasure Beach Water Taxi, Central Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06607.

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