Texoma Dealer Donates Money for Ringling Elementary Playground

RINGLING, Okla. (KXII) – Patriot Chevrolet in Ardmore donated $17,250 to Ringling Elementary this month to help the school get a new playground.

“When I first became principal, I had a vision for the school,” said Ringling Principal Jackie Matherly. “Obviously education was first and foremost on the list, but the playground needed renovation and work as it is very old.”

Matherly said that since taking over as principal four years ago, she has been raising funds and applying for grants to renovate the school’s playground.

“What we have right now is very old and dated,” Matherly said. “We have metal slides and a lot of equipment that is out of code.”

On Friday, Patriot Chevrolet in Ardmore gave Ringling Elementary the money to make it happen.

“They’re kids, and kids need gear to play with,” Chevrolet Patriot Shane Cole said. “So we chose Ringling Elementary for that reason, and just to try to help them get new play equipment for the kids.”

“It’s the easiest money I’ve gotten to go to the playground,” Matherly said.

They’re updating the park in phases, with the first new gear coming over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Matherly said the playground will also be open to the community of Ringling as a park.

“It will be something families can take their kids after school or on weekends and use it as well,” Matherly said. “Kids are really excited for something new.”

The dealership donates a portion of their sales each month to a different local good cause.

Harold B. McConnell