Terrifying moment: 10m high slide collapses at amusement park in Indonesia, sending people crashing to the ground, Asia News

A video making its rounds online showed the terrifying moment people toppled to the ground from a height of 10 meters as a waterslide at an amusement park in Indonesia collapsed.

The incident happened last Saturday (May 7) at Kenjeran Park, popularly known as Kenpark, located in Surabaya.

The 17-second clip posted by Noodou on Facebook showed water gushing out of what looked like a “leak” in a slide above ground. Moments later, that part of the slide gave way completely, sending a torrent of water and people crashing to the ground.

According to Antara News, the part of the slide that broke was located at a height of about 10 meters.


Initial reports said nine people fell from the water-filled ride, including a child who suffered a head injury.

A later report said 16 park visitors – mostly children – were injured in the crash. Their injuries ranged from serious to mild, Tempo.co reported, with at least three people suffering broken bones. One victim was not seriously injured but complained of dizziness.

No deaths have been reported.

Indonesian media speculated that the cause of the slide’s collapse could be due to wear and tear.

However, a park spokesperson said the attraction’s rides are maintained regularly, adding that the last scheduled maintenance was carried out nine months ago.

He argued that the cause of the collapse could be due to the ride being overloaded, as the slide’s maximum capacity is “five to 10 people”.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing. The park was closed on May 8 for new probes, but it is not known if it has since reopened.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi said the park management should be held accountable for the incident and provide medical compensation to the victims.

Following the incident, the city’s deputy mayor also called for thorough checks of all entertainment facilities in the capital of East Java.

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Harold B. McConnell