‘Stephen Curry was spotted playing basketball at an amusement park’: The Finals MVP isn’t in the mood to listen to his coach’s advice

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry spotted shooting hoops at an amusement park less than a week after winning his 4th NBA championship.

Stephen Curry is one of the happiest human beings on the planet, and rightly so. The Chef had one of the best seasons of his career with a perfect ending. Starting with becoming the league’s all-time leading 3-pointer, followed by an ASG MVP, WCF MVP, and winning his 4th title.

However, the biggest highlight of this phenomenal run was that Curry won his first-ever Finals MVP, silencing all of his critics and naysayers. In his previous 3 title runs, Curry was never the best player on his team, with Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant winning the Bill Russell award.

Nonetheless, Steph was on a record breaking frenzy during these playoffs, not just limiting himself to offense. The two-time league MVP averaged 6.0 RPG and 2.0 SPG, putting his rare clutch gene on full display.

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Recently, the 3-point king was spotted jumping at an amusement park. Amazingly, coach Brandon Payne had outlined an off-season plan for Curry that required him not to shoot for weeks.

NBA Twitter reacts to Stephen Curry’s hoop at an amusement park.

Widely regarded as the best shooter to ever play the game, Curry never tires of making buckets no matter where he is. In the past, we’ve seen Curry indulge in a game of HORSE, whether it’s Dell Curry or Kevin Durant.

Curry’s adrenaline rush is in no mood to slow down despite his coach’s directive not to shoot the ball. “Tir shooter”, they say.

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Harold B. McConnell