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A 16-year-old was brutally beaten and suffered a concussion in a playground attack at a secondary school in Australia, with local police now investigating the disturbing incident.

A 16-year-old girl was brutally attacked at Whyalla Secondary College

Police are investigating after a 16-year-old schoolgirl was beaten and left with a concussion in a brutal attack on a playground.

Footage of the attack at Whyalla Secondary College in the town of Whyalla, 380km north-west of Adelaide, has been handed over to police.

The video shows the 16-year-old with three other schoolgirls during a break between lessons when she was suddenly attacked by another girl last Monday.

The victim was pulled back by the hair and then dragged before being punched and kicked savagely in the head several times.

With the girl on the ground, we also hear her attacker shouting insults at her.

The victim is seen being kicked and punched in the schoolyard



She yelled, “Throw your fucking mouth at my c*** stepbrother.

“Get up.”

The attacked girl was later taken to hospital in Whyalla after suffering facial injuries and a concussion, but was able to return home on Tuesday evening, reported 7NEWS.

Her mother said that although the 16-year-old was shaken by the incident, she was physically fine and would continue her recovery at home.

A Department of Education spokesman said “appropriate disciplinary action” will be taken following the incident.

The video has been shared widely on social media since it happened and was handed over to police on Tuesday.

Police are investigating the incident after the victim suffered a concussion



The school reportedly sent a letter to parents saying: ‘Violence and aggression are not tolerated at our school and we will take appropriate disciplinary action.

“Wellness support will also be available, as needed. The matter has been referred to [police] for further action.

“We ask that any cellphone footage of the incident be deleted immediately and not transmitted or posted online.”

Anti-violence activist Brigid Koenig of the Sammy D Foundation said the attack was one of the fiercest she had seen at a school.

“The school has a role to play, but so do the parents, as well as other members of the community and including the police,” she told 7NEWS.

It’s unclear whether police questioned the alleged attacker, but they said they were investigating the incident.

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