Safety barriers removed from playground and thrown over church wall

A COUNCILOR has denounced ‘vandals’ putting young children at risk, by removing barriers around broken play equipment.

Andrew Carter, who represents the Calverley and Farsley areas of Leeds, said officials should “consider their actions”.

The local authority had put up barriers to prevent children from using a roundabout basket in the Calverley Victoria Park playground because damage had prevented it from being used safely.

However, the barriers were then thrown over the wall of the nearby Calverley Methodist Church, Councilor Carter said at a meeting on Monday.

A replacement roundabout basket is to be installed soon in the playground.

But Councilman Carter said removing the barriers could have had serious consequences.

Speaking at a gathering of West Town councilors, he said: ‘The council’s parks department were excellent at getting out and putting barriers around (when it turned out he was broken).

“There’s an element of speed required here because we’ve already had a vandalism incident where the barriers were thrown at the walls of the Methodist Church.

“So people visiting couldn’t see that there were barriers around the roundabout, which health and safety said is in dire need of replacement.”

Councilman Carter said the new equipment had already been ordered and he hoped it would be installed soon.

He added: “I just want to say that the young people who threw down the barriers need to think about their actions because there were very small children who could have unwittingly been put in this equipment and fallen on the bridge. .

“So the sooner he is substituted, the better.”

Harold B. McConnell