Riverside Park Inclusive Playground Innovates

Plans are moving forward for the construction of an inclusive playground in Riverside Park. The new playground, built to integrate the existing playground in Riverside Park, will be the first fully accessible playground in Kamloops.

Several new inclusive amenities, including a “We-Go-Round”, “We-Saw”, “ZipKrooz” and more, will enhance the playground experience, allowing children of all abilities to enjoy the park the most. appreciated by the city. In addition, the entire surface of the playing field will be transformed into an accessible impact surface.

“Whether a child is transferring out of their mobility device or not, there is plenty to do. Activities like the ZipKrooz with both a molded bucket seat and a standard seat provide a level of choice for every user. From this way, no matter if I’m standing or sitting, I can also have a race with my friends. ‘being aware of the heat, allowing them to play longer with their friends,’ commented Jill Moore, a wheelchair athlete who helps develop products for inclusive play environments with Landscape Structures (the playground supplier games).

Construction of the new playground will begin September 12 and is expected to be complete by the end of November 2022. Although the current playground is closed during construction, there are other excellent playground options in the center- city, such as Prince Charles Park and Stuart Wood School Park. . There are also many features accessible at the large new playground at the west end of McArthur Island Park for public enjoyment.

The City gratefully acknowledges a contribution of $200,000 from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project for the construction of this new accessible playground.

“Trans Mountain is proud to contribute to the new inclusive playground of Riverside Park,” said Jeff Robinson, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Trans Mountain. “We appreciate our continued collaboration with the City of Kamloops and are thrilled to be part of this exciting new playground for all children to enjoy. »

Work on the multi-use trail is now complete and it was fully reopened for use on Friday, September 2.

Harold B. McConnell