Police 2 women injured in fight with teenagers at Keansburg amusement park

A fight at the Keansburg amusement park left two women injured after a disagreement with teenagers on Monday night as the park closed.

Keansburg police and detectives were back at the park on Tuesday when it opened for the day.

A witness tells News 12 New Jersey that two women and a group of teenagers got into a fight and started fighting.

“They all knew each other. Unfortunately, people were injured,” says Joe Mendez, operations manager for Runaway Rapids Water Park, part of Keansburg Amusement Park.

Mendez says he helped break up the fight. He says both women were injured. One was injured in the head, while the other received severe blows to the face.

Mendez says he takes these incidents personally because they hurt Keansburg’s reputation.

“It’s so hard. You take a few steps forward and you get pushed back a few steps. Lots of misinformation,” Mendez says.

He says there were rumors of a stabbing, which he says are completely untrue.

Nickerson owner Emily Mayes says she’s also worried about the reputation of the town, and potentially the amusement park. She knows Keansburg has a reputation for being a gritty town.

“I hate Keansburg’s reputation, honestly, I grew up here like I’m really proud to be from Keansburg and I love it here,” she said. “I know a lot of my non-Keansburg employees are afraid to come to work here and walk to the employee parking lot behind the water park.”

She says she continually tries to change that reputation and supports the improvements and family programs that Keansburg tries to promote. She says she knows it as a fun place for families and hopes others will think the same.

Keansburg police said both women were discharged from the hospital. No arrests were mentioned.

Harold B. McConnell