Playground equipment can be dangerous this summer

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – It’s hot outside. For next week, we expect temperatures in the 90s, so it’s time to take precautions.

Earlier Wednesday, we spoke with parents about what they do to keep their kids active in the heat.

“We carry a lot of water and make sure there is water nearby at all times,” local parent Charlie Chase said. “I ask my kids to take their water with them and tell them if it’s too hot that we don’t play on this equipment.”

“We bring them to the playground when it’s sooner rather than later. Keep them hydrated and put on sunscreen,” local grandmother Janice Roberts said.

But when the gear gets too hot, some parents give their kids a break.

“We always have a backpack full of snacks, sunscreen and water, usually juice, and then we stay like that in the shade,” local mother Mikayla said.
Some even take special precautions.

“I have a daughter who is allergic to the sun, so if she doesn’t have sunscreen or stays out in the shade very often, we have big blistering problems,” Chase said.

Sometimes play equipment can get so hot that children can get first or even second degree burns while playing on it. We measured the temperature of various pieces of playground equipment earlier on Wednesday. Most were around 110 degrees.

Harold B. McConnell