Playground equipment benefits the whole community

LAST month the Island Glades playground equipment that had been around for over 20 years was demolished.

Penang Island City Council (MBPP) contractors brought in a truck and an excavator to destroy the children’s tunnels.

Did they know that these tunnels have been around for over 20 years, bringing fun and happiness to countless Island Glades children?

The little children were playing hide and seek there.

They climbed to the top of one tunnel and jumped into the next.

But the tunnels have now disappeared forever without a trace.

It’s hard to say who misses the tunnels more: the children who had fun there or the qigong practitioners who practiced there while keeping an eye on their children.

Now, no child comes here; we no longer hear their laughter.

All of a sudden, they destroyed the children’s joy and deprived them of their fun in the morning and evening.

This sad turn of events reminds us of the following quote: “Never pull down a fence until you know what it was erected for.”

The city council did not consult the residents. There was no notification.

Local authorities could have published a notice declaring their intention to demolish the tunnels and inviting residents to give their opinion.

That would have been the democratic way of doing things.

We pay our assessment tax. We cannot simply be ignored.

Instead of adding facilities, MBPP removed one.

Who gave the order to destroy these tunnels?

It wasn’t the only facility removed from our playground.

Last month they came to paint the exercise machine between the two badminton courts.

After finishing painting, the workers gathered at the monkey bars.

I asked if they would also paint this play equipment and they said yes.

The next morning when I went to exercise, the monkey bars were gone.

Those who removed these facilities were not there to realize how these devices served children and adults.

To the powers that be, I would like to quote American author Frank Sonnenberg: “It’s easier to treat people right than to mend broken relationships.



Harold B. McConnell