Plans for an inclusive playground underway in East Brainerd | Local News

Of all the playgrounds in Hamilton County, one man said there weren’t many options when it came to including children of all abilities.

“We want to raise awareness that there are kids out there who can’t play right now,” founder Skyler Phillips said. “There’s really nowhere to go.”

Skyler Phillips said he took his kids to playgrounds around the area, but noticed one aspect that was still missing.

“Once I started to think about it and realized there were a lot of people out there who couldn’t do anything but sit and watch the other kids play, it broke my heart. heart,” Phillips said.

He is working with the City of Chattanooga, Harvesting Play and Kiwanis Chattanooga to change that.

“It will be accessible all the way to the top,” Phillips said. “So there won’t be anywhere able-bodied people can go where disabled people can’t go.”

He said the new playground will be behind the current Heritage House Park playground, with several other features for families of all ages, such as a pavilion and a fenced area.

“We want to make this as less restrictive as possible,” Phillips said.

He hopes construction will begin in the spring and the playground will be finished in the summer of 2023.

However, he said he needed a bit more funding before that could happen.

“Maybe in the $500 to $600,000 range and we probably need another million and a half, something like that,” Phillips said.

He said he was looking for partners on this project, as well as individual donations.

“We’re going to make pavers and tiles that people can buy on the website, and then there are individual donations that people can make as well,” Phillips said.

To make a donation or buy a tile, you can click here.

Harold B. McConnell