Parents disgusted by closure of Kingswood playground after it was desecrated by ‘selfish’ thugs

A playground in Kingswood has been closed after ‘selfish’ thugs caused damage to the popular spot rendering it unusable.

Local mum Emma Yard said her parents saw a group of teenagers tearing up the rubber surface of the Lees Hill playground on Sunday (August 21).

When she arrived with her three-year-old to play at the site later, she found the playground closed with huge holes everywhere and a piece of ground stuck to the climbing frame.

A sign has now been attached to the gate by South Gloucestershire Council declaring the playing field ‘unusable’ due to the damage.

Emma, ​​who frequently meets her mother and stepfather at the playground with her child, said she was “disgusted and upset” by what had happened.

Much of the tar was ripped off near the roundabout. Photos by Emma J Yard.

She added: “Another mother took her three-year-old away shortly after we left and then posted pictures of his knees after he tripped and fell on the broken floor.

“[She was] not being able to stop him from doing what a toddler instinctively does, which is to run around the playground.

“It’s just disgusting insane behavior and I hope they come forward.”

The tarmac was strewn everywhere causing a toddler to fall and injure himself.

Photos of the damage have been posted on Kingswood People Facebook Groupand according to locals leaving comments, this is not the first time the playground has been disrespected.

Kelly McGrane said: ‘I walk my dog ​​there one morning and a few days there are still bottles, caps and even disposable barbecues on the tennis and basketball courts. Selfish, insane fools.

June Bennett, who also saw the play area had been closed on her morning walk, said: ‘So now the kids who have enjoyed using this park have nowhere to play until that it be repaired.

“Why do a small number of people think it’s fun to spoil other people’s fun?” I feel really upset.

A piece of tar was stuck to the playground.

What South Gloucestershire Council said

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: ‘Lee Hills play area has been closed for health and safety reasons following vandalism to the safer rubber surfacing which we believe has had take place on Saturday 20 August.

“We are currently assessing the damage and are looking to make repairs to the cladding which will be carried out as soon as possible.

“We have reported the vandalism to the police and if anyone has any information identifying the person(s) responsible they should contact the police on 101 or the council on 01454 868000.”

Harold B. McConnell