Officials open playground renovations and spray park at Reading City Park

Reading Mayor Eddie Morán held a ground-breaking ceremony in Reading City Park on Tuesday morning to kick off renovations to the existing playground, construction of new features and the addition of a new playground. spray.

City Park is the first of a $2.7 million improvement project that includes playgrounds, parks and courtyards throughout the city. Morán says City Park will see an investment of nearly $1,000,000.

“This monumental allotment is the largest of its kind Reading Recreation Areas has seen in decades and will transcend current generations with a lasting legacy” Moran said.

Renovations include new walking paths, ADA accessibility, spray park, additional benches and trash cans.

Several other recreation areas will be upgraded by 2023 including Baer Park, 6th & Amity Park, Reading Iron Playground and 3rd and Spruce Playground.

“Improving our recreational spaces is something I personally stand for and am committed to” Moran said. “It’s no secret that I base my decisions on always having the best interests of reading children at heart. By thinking of them every time we make a decision, we should provide reading children with safe functional places to have fun and just be a kid. It’s the least we can do for them.

Harold B. McConnell