Ocean Park would seek to reposition itself as a resort rather than an amusement park

The loss-making Ocean Park is stepping up plans to offer more modern facilities and services to better meet visitor needs. It is now planning to turn into a resort instead of an amusement park, according to a report by Chant Tao every day. Ocean Park’s executive director of operations and entertainment, Timothy Ng Sau-kin, said the park also plans to offer glamping sites on its hill in the future. Currently, Ocean Park offers “Ghostly Glamping” on designated dates with a series of interactive activities to celebrate Halloween and attract customers. Guests can access three interactive attractions, namely “Survivor of the Undead”, “Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt”, and “The Supernatural Ghost Tour”. To further amuse visitors, they can also visit the Halloween Fest make-up center to get a glimpse of how ghosts come to life. There will be professional makeup artists who will create a unique Halloween look for them. Other glamping service offerings include Starry Summit Glamping with necessities provided.

The report says Ocean Park is also considering hiring a company to build and operate zipline facilities near the former Mine Train and Raging River rides. The park has communicated with various operators and hopes to build and create a zip line that will take advantage of the park’s topography to provide adventure facilities.

The new plans are part of its ongoing efforts to increase revenue. In late September, it opened Water World as park management and the Hong Kong government hoped the site would become a favorite leisure destination for locals and international visitors in years to come. Water World covers nearly 6.5 hectares on a hill in Tai Shue Wan in the southern district. It welcomes a maximum of 4,500 visitors during the opening period, operating half under the rules of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ocean Park said Water World’s unique location and concept make it “the only water park in Asia that combines stunning ocean and landscape views.” Water World takes advantage of the site, using terraced platforms and outdoor spaces to capture the panoramic views of its surroundings. He added that Water World’s all-weather design, as well as its proximity to Hong Kong’s urban center, makes it easy for visitors to visit and connect with the wonders of water and nature.

Meanwhile, to make way for redevelopment, the park retired the Raging River water ride, Mine Train roller coaster and Abyss drop tower in August after serving park visitors for more than 20 years. The park will phase out old rides and continue to operate seven or eight that were launched over the past decade as the park transforms from an amusement park into a vacation feature.

In the same month, Ocean Park issued a pre-qualification invitation to solicit potential partners to co-develop the park via a build-operate-transfer model, initiating the two-phase procurement process for the implementation of Ocean Park’s future strategy. . This process begins with the current pre-qualification stage and will be followed by the tender stage in late 2021 or early 2022. The pre-qualification exercise will help pre-qualify respondents for the bidding process. tender, maintaining a manageable number of bidders while ensuring that they share Ocean Park’s vision for future development, conservation and education, as well as the requirements for providing future development proposals strategy.

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