Ocean Park straddles Mine Train, Abyss and Raging River to close for late August

Three of Ocean Park’s most iconic attractions will retire at the end of August, marking the end of an era for the theme park as it prepares for a major overhaul.

Fans will have until August 31 to ride the Mine Train, Abyss and Raging River before they are permanently closed.

Of the three, Raging River has had the longest life, having operated for 37 years since 1984. Mine Train, the scenic roller coaster overlooking southern Hong Kong Island, and the Abyss vertical drop tower, are both in service for 20 years.

The abyss. Photo: Ocean Park

Ocean Park first announced in January this year that it would be suspending a number of rides. The flying swing and Ferris wheel would also have the ax over the next two to three years. according to HK01.

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Once a burgeoning theme park, Ocean Park has struggled to stay afloat in recent years. Its heavy reliance on tourists has meant business has been hit particularly hard when protests and the pandemic have kept travelers out of Hong Kong.

After the Hong Kong government approved a multi-billion dollar bailout for the park, Ocean Park announced it would overhaul its business model, scrap entry fees in favor of a pay-as-you-go system. ride and open a retail and entertainment area.

The long-awaited water park, whose opening was blocked for more … than four years, will finally welcome visitors this summer.

Harold B. McConnell