Ocean Park bids farewell to 3 rides, shoppers flock to locals to show their love

As Ocean Park announced new plans to redevelop the site, it also decided to retire some of its rides. The news of the closure of some of these rides attracted many citizens to its premises. The Raging River water ride, Mine Train roller coaster and Abyss drop tower were retired today after serving park visitors for more than 20 years.

Undeterred by the rain, visitors lined up for up to three hours to take photos and videos to commemorate the rides. Meanwhile, in another report by nowTV news channelone visitor said she looked forward to the new development plan announced by Ocean Park and hoped it would improve in the future.

In late August, Ocean Park issued a pre-qualification invitation to solicit potential partners to co-develop the park via a build-operate-transfer model, initiating the two-phase procurement process for the implementation of the Ocean Park’s future strategy. This process begins with the current pre-qualification stage and will be followed by the tender stage in late 2021 or early 2022. The pre-qualification exercise will help pre-qualify respondents for the bidding process. tender, maintaining a manageable number of bidders while ensuring that they share Ocean Park’s vision for future development, conservation and education, as well as the requirements for providing future development proposals strategy.

Ocean Park’s new plan to redevelop the site provides opportunities in three new areas within Ocean Park with site areas totaling approximately 376,000 square meters. These include the new free entry retail, dining and entertainment area in the lower area of ​​the park, the adventure area and the wellness area in the upper areas of the park.

According to Ocean Park, the lower area of ​​the park will be transformed into a low-rise commercial area with differentiated and experiential retail, dining and entertainment offerings, such as open spaces for activities, al fresco dining, indoor entertainment and events and children’s play areas. It will be open to the public free of charge, complemented by Ocean Park’s existing conservation and education attractions which will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Meanwhile, located in the upper part of Ocean Park, the adventure area is to be built on the existing area of ​​Adventure Land which has a natural downhill slope that is suitable for many adventure-related attractions. Taking advantage of the topography and landscape, this area will include outdoor attractions and activities offering adventure experiences inspired by nature.

The Wellness Zone consists of two sites, the first being the southern tip of the Upper Park which is currently occupied by thrill rides. The second is the adjacent undeveloped area of ​​Ocean Park, on the west side of the new water world. The Wellness Zone will provide authentic and immersive experiences that promote different dimensions of wellbeing and an avenue to escape from daily city life.

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Harold B. McConnell