No: Viral website visits Jordan Peele’s cinematic amusement park

With only two weeks and a change before Jordan Peele Nope Finally blowing into theaters on an ominous wind, the clouds that obscured a clear bird’s eye view of Peele’s secret horror film finally begin to part. Fans can now search for buried nuggets of pre-release movie lore, thanks to a viral new website that leverages Nopeis an old west style setting to tease a good time from the Gold Rush era that’s pretty much guaranteed to go wrong.

Moseying to the site brings guests to family-friendly marketing for Jupiter’s Claim, the film’s fictional B-level theme park celebrating the film’s faux-flaky filmography. NopeRicky “Skirt” Park (Steven Yeun), the former kid-cowboy star. Now an opportunistic adult in the film, Jupe continues to ensnare wayward tourists who take the dusty remote path of the park… but as the latest trailer for the film suggests, he delivers on the promise of an otherworldly spectacle that more than makes up for the price of admission.

Whereas Nope itself seems loaded with big themes that merge sci-fi, horror and a dose of meta-appreciation for alien horror films of centuries past, the website sticks to the cute Skirt factor to help the guests to get their bearings. Things start out optimistically with a kid-friendly cowboy vibe, with swells of high-pitched western music, before gray skies and a distressing dirge descend to cast an ominous pall over the whole schtick of the happy trails.

Clicking around lets you acquaint yourself with the park’s top sights, offering glimpses of the false frontier landmarks dotted throughout Jupiter’s Claim. Discover kitsch that is overpriced and not really for sale at the general store (a sheriff kid frisbee for $55.99?!) and “stare into space” at the mysterious Winkin’ Well, while earning “Jingle” – the park’s local currency – by playing a cowboy hat mini-game for have the chance to “buy” (completely fake) souvenirs.

There’s even a comments section where happy “guests” have left creepy, happy testimonials of their visit – although there seems to be a recurring theme: for some reason, everyone is depressed about to miss a first-hand look at “Star Lasso” – the park’s never-opened attraction that “remains a mystery to all but Jupe”. One thing is certain: stick around long enough and you will definitely conclude that something is seriously wrong. The whole experience, in fact, does a pretty good job of corroding the park’s seemingly wholesome appeal…all the better to prepare fans for the real rodeo when Nope finally rumbles in the halls.

With Daniel Kaluuya (get out), Keke Palmer (Light year), Keith David (They live), Brandon Perea (the OA), Michael Wincott (Westworld), and Yeun (The Walking Dead), Nope unleash skies full of sci-fi desert scares starting July 22.

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Harold B. McConnell