NEWS: Aderyn returns with “Playground,” a fun post-breakup anthem

Aderyn is back with his new single ‘Playground‘ brimming with hooks and attitude, it sees her give an ex the kiss in a brilliant tune full of direct, sardonic and playful lyricism. It’s another installment from this exciting emerging artist who certainly knows his way around a tune.

“Playground was written right after a breakup” explains Aderyn. “I was definitely in the ‘angry’ state of mourning the relationship when I wrote that song. I often joke at my gigs that singing this song live is a form of free therapy for me.”

Playground is laced with intimate, raw lyrics that tell the story of Aderyn’s breakup against a Wurlitzer of perky percussion, bubbly guitar and catchy harmonies.

Aderyn continues; “I posted a snippet of Playground on social media the same day I wrote it and it got a great response. I had booked a studio session in Los Angeles with the legendary Bobby Bloomfield and I knew that it had to be the song that I brought to him.

Registration Playground with Bobby Bloomfield (Linkin Park, PENGSHUi) was a dream come true for Welsh artist Aderyn; “As soon as I walked into the studio, I knew we were up to something special! We put a percussion break into the song which is literally just me and Bobby hitting whatever we could find including a beer glass, keyboard stand and glockenspiel. Everything fell into place so naturally.

Harold B. McConnell