New playground coming soon for Sligo Primary School | News

RIMERSBURG – There will be a lot of improvement work to Union School District buildings over the next few months, including a proposed playground redevelopment at Sligo Primary School.

Reports from last Thursday’s Union School Board meeting included information on the Sligo Playground project, as well as other major improvements to come to both Union Secondary School and Sligo properties. .

Although the items were not discussed by the board at the March 17 regular meeting, the Union superintendent later said the district would replace elementary school playground equipment this summer with funding received from the Ralph M. and Ella M. Eccles Foundation.

“We were approved for a $35,000 grant to cover the cost of the new equipment,” Kimmel said. “It includes several swings, slides, play stations, a rock wall, a swing adapted for children with disabilities and a fan swing that adults can use while their children play.”

He said the overall project will also include replacing the protective mulch around the equipment to provide a soft surface to play on.

Although the exact schedule for the installation is not yet known, Kimmel said the work will be one of Union’s summer projects.

Big summer plans will center on the District’s approval late last year of a $6.2 million guaranteed energy savings contract with the McClure Company, which includes a long list of upgrades at Sligo and Rimersburg schools.

Kimmel said this week that work would actually start a little earlier than planned, with some aspects underway before the end of the school year.

“In high school, McClure Company plans to start the lighting project and building envelope early,” Kimmel said. “They plan to work in the evenings after school ends to finish the job. This will move the project forward so that we don’t rush through the summer to complete the work.

Kimmel said everything else included in the contract with McClure is on track, with the exception of the new generator at Sligo Elementary.

“This is out of stock and won’t be installed until after the school year starts,” he said. “McClure Company will have completed the cement slab and electrical wiring so we only have to place the new generator and hook it up quickly once it becomes available. This does not seem to present any major problems related to the functioning of the school. All other aspects of the project appear to be on schedule to begin in late May or early June. »

Part of the McClure project will focus on upgrading the high school’s hot water system; however, not everything cooperated as expected.

“In high school, we had a leaking domestic hot water storage tank,” Kimmel said, noting that although the tank had been leaking for several months, the school was able to continue operating while waiting for the renovation project. this summer which includes a new domestic hot water system.

That plan changed during a recent inspection by the district insurance company, with the leaking tank not passing.

“Due to its status, the Department of Labor and Industry required that we fix the leaking tank within 30 days of inspection,” Kimmel explained. “Therefore, we have asked the McClure Company to install a temporary storage tank to meet boiler guidelines and to remain operational until the end of the year. We hope that our insurance will cover most of the cost. emergency repair as advised by the Boiler Inspector.”

At their meeting last week, school board members unanimously approved the school calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.

The first day of school for students has been set for August 24, with three teacher training days scheduled for August 17, 18 and 23.

The school year will end on Friday, May 25.

Students will not be in school on the following full days: September 2 (Act 80 Day), September 5 (Labour Day), September 30 (Fall Leaf Festival), November 24-25 (Action Thanksgiving), November 28 (Buck Day), December 26 to January 1 (winter vacation), January 16 (Act 80 Day), February 17 to February 20 (Act 80 Day for senior parties), March 17-20 (Spring Break) and April 7-10.

Half-days are scheduled on: Nov. 11 (Act 80 Day), Dec. 23. (early termination) and April 28 (Act 80 Day).

Snow removal days have been set for March 21 and April 6.

• The board has agreed to continue e-school services with the Titusville area school district. The contract for next year costs $3,360 per student.

• Board members approved the Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 budget for 2022-2023 in the amount of $1,446,644, with a projected statement by Union of $4,535.

• Teaching Assistant Darla Lipps was approved to retire, effective May 26th.

• Lisa Hummel has been hired as band manager for 2022-22 at a salary of $5,190, with Robert Heichel as first assistant at $2,146 and John Zanot as second assistant at $1,290.

• Rick Hawk has been hired for a three year term as the local district auditor. His fee for the annual financial audit will be $15,000 in 2022, $15,200 in 2023, and $15,400 in 2024. The fee for the collector’s compliance report has been set at $1,800 in 2022, $1,900 in 2023 and $2,000 in 2024.

• The board approved a three-year cooperative agreement with the AC Valley School District for the high school baseball program.

• The following sports contracts were approved: Cathy Walzak, softball manager, $2,100; John Stevens, first assistant softball coach, $1,400; Kevin Wetzel, second assistant softball coach, $850; Vaughn Norbert, baseball manager, $2,100; Anthony McGarvy, first assistant baseball coach, $1,400; Scott Kindel, athletic director, $5,305; Ange Salvo, assistant athletic director, $2,620; Brad Dittman, college football head coach, $3,080; Dan Reed, college football assistant coach, $2,280; William Wiant, head junior football coach, $1,570; Ryan Wilson, junior high football assistant coach, $1,100; Candie Johnston, cross country co-coach, $1,340; Amy Wilson, cross country co-coach, $1,220; Shanna Tharan, head coach, $2,500; Candice Johnston, first assistant boys track coach, $1,800; Alexis Twentier, first assistant women’s athletics coach, $1,800; Megan Bashline, head junior athletics coach, $700; Kolby Montgomery, golf coach, $1,100; Amanda Coradi, junior volleyball head coach, $700; Courtney Gross, assistant junior volleyball coach, $500.

Harold B. McConnell