Mum’s warning of a common playground mistake after her 18-month-old son broke his leg

A worried mum is warning other parents about a common playground mistake that left her 18-month-old son with a broken leg.

Jean took to Instagram to warn others of her mistake after riding down a slide with her toddler in her lap.

She explained that as they both descended the slide, her young son’s leg got stuck, leading to an urgent visit to the doctor.

“There I was, an 18-month-old mom, thinking how sweet it was to put my toddler on my lap for extra support,” she said in a post on the Instagram account. Mom will teach.

“Boy, was I wrong, and I found out the hard way, just five months after he started walking, he broke his leg lapping it on a slide!”

Jean’s son broke his leg after taking him down a toboggan. Credit: Instagram/ mom will teach
Jean rode down a slide with her toddler on her lap, unaware of the risks.
Jean rode down a slide with her toddler on her lap, unaware of the risks. Credit: Instagram/ mom will teach

The young mother did not hesitate to go down the slide and explained that she thought of providing additional support for her child.

Now she shares the warning with others.

“Let your toddler go down the slide on their own, when their core strength is strong enough, of course,” she said.

Jean went on to explain that during her research, she found that researchers from the American Academy of Paediatrics found that going down a slide with your child can actually increase the risk of a child breaking their leg or injuring themselves. seriously in another way. .

“When sitting on a parent’s lap, the relative strength is much greater due to the added weight,” she said.

“That means you’re going down the slide at a much faster speed, which increases the risk of a fracture if the child’s foot catches on the surface of the slide.”

The parents in the comments section thanked Jean for her warning and added that they had “no idea” of the dangers.

“I would like to see signs on playgrounds! A lot of caregivers have no idea it’s dangerous,” one user said.

Some also shared their stories and said they had seen similar accidents.

“My daughter broke her leg this way when she was 18 months old on her dad’s lap going down a slide,” one user said.

“It happened to my daughter. She was 22 months old at the time and I had her on my lap and her foot got stuck under her body. Broken leg. The doctor said he saw that so much times,” added another.

Harold B. McConnell