Most People Forgot This Abandoned Amusement Park In Pennsylvania | travel expert

There’s something particularly unsettling about an abandoned amusement park – the crowds, excitement and laughter that once filled the park seem to linger long after the park has closed. In southern Pennsylvania, you’ll find what was once a popular family destination that now sits decaying in the middle of the woods. Keep reading to learn more.

Rebeka Repman/Unsplash

Williams Grove Amusement Park began as a simple picnic ground in the 1850s in a small grove located in the village of Williams Grove, just outside of Mechanicsburg. Two decades later, the park became the Mechanicsburg Fairgrounds that featured carnival games and rides like the famous wooden roller coaster known as the Cyclone.

Ray Barnes/Unsplash

On top of that, there was also a fun house, children’s roller coaster, and water slides. The slide platform can still be seen still abandoned today where the water park once stood.

Williams Grove Park was nearly destroyed in the summer of 1972 due to Hurricane Agnes and flooding from nearby Yellow Breeches Creek. The park was eventually completely rebuilt and operated throughout the 2005 summer season.

Brenda Kerns/Unsplash

Since then, the abandoned amusement park has remained abandoned and slowly reclaimed by nature. While the photos and videos are fascinating to view, it’s important to understand that the property itself is not completely abandoned and is in fact still inhabited by a few longtime residents. Trespassing is strictly prohibited.

To see more of what remains of Williams Grove Park, be sure to watch this fascinating YouTube video uploaded a few years ago.

Harold B. McConnell