Most People Forgot About This Abandoned South Carolina Amusement Park | Travel expert

There’s something particularly unsettling about an abandoned amusement park – the crowds, excitement and laughter that once filled the park seem to linger long after its doors have closed. In northern South Carolina, you’ll find what was once a popular family destination now decaying in the middle of nowhere. Keep reading to learn more.

Emma Kipness/Unsplash

Located off the beaten path in Lancaster, about 10 miles from town, are the remains of Springs Recreation Park, an amusement park built in the early 1900s by Springs Mills. The park was built primarily for the enjoyment of area factory workers and their families. There are very few official records of the park, but what we do know is that Springs Recreation Park officially opened in 1925 and closed for good in August 1989.

You’ll find the remains of this ancient park along the shores of Fishing Creek Lake, an 8.5-mile reservoir on the edge of the Catawba River. These hauntingly beautiful remnants of the park can be seen near the Springs Park boat launch in the city of Lancaster.

Kenneth Wilson/Unsplash

According to local records, in its heyday, Springs Park featured an Olympic-size swimming pool, skating rink, miniature golf course, and numerous amusement park rides, including a Ferris wheel and a miniature train.

Gregg Harlow/Burst

Today, all that remains is rotting concrete and rubble. Many people explored the park after it closed over 30 years ago and many of these decaying structures are covered in graffiti. Although trespassing remains illegal and dangerous, you can see more of this fascinating abandoned amusement park by watching this video uploaded to YouTube a few years ago.

Harold B. McConnell