Mobile phone falls out of amusement park and crashes into teen’s head

An Oklahoma teenager is lucky to be alive after a fun afternoon at a fair turned into a nightmare.

While Rebecca Gillespie was waiting to board a ride at the Oklahoma Fair, she was hit in the head by a cell phone that fell from the sky. The phone had dropped after driving at around 45 miles per hour, crashing into Gillespie’s forehead.

The 18-year-old had no idea what hit her.

“At first I didn’t, until I looked down and saw the phone on the floor,” she told Inside Edition.

Gillespie was left dazed, confused and bleeding.

“I was very dizzy on the spot, and I had to hold on to a rail, and I saw a bunch of black dots in my eyes,” she said.

A nurse who was in the crowd stepped in to attend to Gillespie before she was rushed to hospital.

“Doctors say she suffered a traumatic brain injury and her body just shut down,” Gillespie’s mother said.

Amusement park goers love to shoot selfie videos as they freak out on the rides, but at many amusement parks, including the Oklahoma State Fair where Gillespie was injured, there are signs stating that no cell phones are allowed on the rides.

Unfortunately, too many people ignore the signs, as evidenced by the many videos showing phones flying from rides.

“For people who take phones on rides when told not to, this is what happens to someone on the ground when you drop them,” Gillespie wrote on Facebook. “I had to go to the hospital and I’m fine. PLEASE don’t take a phone on these rides!”

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