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The Ferris wheel could turn and the Aerobar soar above the Margaritaville Resort Biloxi waterfront by the end of summer.

East Biloxi amusement park now has a name – Paradise Pier Fun Park – and the brand is starting to pop up on social media.

The rides that were built in Europe will be packed into shipping containers this week, said Tessy Lambert, director of marketing for Lodging & Leisure Investments which operates Margaritaville.

The equipment is expected to arrive in Biloxi in June, she said. Locals and visitors alike will be able to watch from Beach Boulevard and the Margaritaville rooftop water park as rides are assembled and Paradise Pier opens.

“End of summer 2022 is the goal,” she said. “People are so excited.”

It will be the biggest family entertainment attraction in southern Mississippi. Many attractions along the beach were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and have not returned.

Among the upcoming rides at the new amusement park is a 20-story Ferris wheel that will be the centerpiece of Paradise Pier and will offer views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Barrier Islands.

The Aerobar, built by European company Aeorophil, will also offer views of the Gulf and appeal to Parrotheads who follow all things Jimmy Buffett and Margartaville. Riders sit facing each other in a circle with a bartender in the middle. The ride spins slowly as it ascends 115 feet in the air – 137 feet with the double-decker parking lot below. The ride takes 2 minutes up and down and 5 minutes to the top, according to the company’s website.

The amusement park will also have swings and other rides, food and games and will be directly adjacent to the Escape Arcade and Margaritaville Biloxi Indoor Amusement Park.

Already built is a platform on which the new amusement park will be built. The platform performs a dual function: raising the park above the storm surge and providing parking below.

The rides can be dismantled and moved to a huge storage facility on the coast if a hurricane is forecast for southern Mississippi, Lambert said.

A new elevator is also being built in Margaritaville to serve the hotel, she said, as the tourist season kicks off.

The Margaritaville Water Park is already open for spring break visitors, as is the Centennial Plaza Water Park in Gulfport.

The company last month announced plans to expand White House Hotel on White Avenue in Biloxi, adding 50 hotel suites and an events center.

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