Malfunction leaves Ocean Park attraction passengers suspended in mid-air

A ride malfunction at Ocean Park left a dozen people suspended in the air as park staff rushed to fix the problem.

The Wild Twister ride froze around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Apple Daily. At the time, there were 15 people on the attraction, including children.

A park goer, surnamed Chung, told the local outlet he was queuing for the ride when the bug occurred. An announcement reminding riders to sit down and hold the handles sounded as staff dispersed those in the queue, explaining there was a malfunction.

“They looked pretty scared. Someone shouted,” Chung said, adding that people at the highest point of the ride appeared to be about three stories above the ground.

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The runners were suspended in the air for about eight minutes before staff managed to repair the problem.

The Wild Twister is one of the new attractions at the park, which opened in December 2019. It was built by Dutch ride manufacturer, Mondial.

In 2018, staff had to evacuate 25 riders on the Dragon, one of the park’s signature roller coasters, after it came to a stop just short of reaching the final platform.

The roller coaster was closed for the rest of the afternoon and reopened the following day.

The Dragon ceased operations earlier this year and has been removed from the list of attractions on the park’s website. Ocean Park announced in January that it would retire a number of rides as part of an overhaul, which will see the introduction of a free fun zone and the removal of ticket entrance fees.

Harold B. McConnell