Mahomet Splash Pad-Playground-Amphitheatre Project Progressing, But Won’t Complete Until 2023 | New

MAHOMET — Parks and Recreation Director Dan Waldinger says he gets asked all the time: When will work be finished on the Barber Park wading pool-playground-amphitheater project?

“I get a lot of feedback,” Waldinger said. “Kids in my neighborhood are asking me now. People are excited.

The soccer program, which has 600 young people, recently resumed its activities at the park, and people are seeing the progress of the work. This only adds to the number of inquiries.

The bad news is that the paddling pool will not be ready this year. The weather will not be good once the paddling pool is finished and the area is seeded.

Land was laid on the $1.1 million project in the spring, and an August 1 completion date has been targeted.

But bad spring weather and supply chain issues canceled a 2022 completion. Ironically, spring rain delayed work on a splash project where kids get wet for fun.

The new inclusive playground is complete but not yet open due to ongoing construction around it.

Waldinger said Midstate Excavation Inc. general contractor Mahomet said work on the splash pad, which is about 25% complete, will be completed with nearly a month of work.

“He’s ambitious and hopes that in three weeks we’ll be pretty much done,” Waldinger said.

“Even after that, Midstate has to level, sow and grow grass. Even if contractors say three weeks, it still depends on weather conditions. »

The wading pool will be named after Bill and Lisa Peithmann due to the couple’s $75,000 contribution for a total of approximately $350,000.

The walkways that connect the playground, paddling pool and amphitheater are approximately 50% complete.

The playground has multiple levels and is inclusive with components for people of all abilities and abilities.

It has been designated a National Demonstration Site for Midstate Excavation, which means they collect data on a voluntary basis to be used to improve the construction of future playgrounds.

One highlight is a tri-swing, which Waldinger called “a non-spin swing game”.

“It’s like a merry-go-round, but it’s a swing,” he said.

The playground is named Mahomet Lions Club Playground due to donations of $25,000 each from Lions Club International and Club Mahomet at an approximate cost of $225,000.

The amphitheater needs about three weeks until its completion.

“What’s left on that is concrete work on the top of the stage, and we have decorative stone veneer on the front of the stage,” Waldinger said.

“Overall, we are progressing quite well. Not as good as I would like, of course.

The amphitheater will be named after Fisher National Bank because of its $25,000 contribution to the total of approximately $150,000.

All naming rights are 10 years.

Harold B. McConnell