Lord says Boris Johnson is making the PM’s office an ‘adventure ground for one man’s narcissistic vanity’

Boris Johnson promises to ‘set the record straight’ on Partygate fine in Parliament next week

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Boris Johnson has been called a ‘great debaser of modern times’ who has ‘smeared’ the role of prime minister.

Addressing the The BBC Broadcasting House programhistorian and fellow Peter Hennessy responded to the Partygate scandal after Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined £50 this week for attending an event in Downing Street in June 2020 when social mixing was banned due to coronavirus restrictions.

Johnson apologized, paid the fine and said he did not think he was breaking the rules at the time, but Hennessy said Johnson had ‘misled’ Parliament when he claimed that he was following directions.

“I think we are in the most serious constitutional crisis involving a prime minister that I can remember. It goes to the heart of the prime minister’s character,” he said.

“Tuesday 12 April 2022 will forever be remembered as a dark and somber day for British public and political life. It was the day Boris Johnson became the great modern day degrader of the decency of public life and politics and our constitutional conventions.”

He added that Johnson ‘defiled’ the prime minister’s office ‘like no other, turning it into an adventure playground for one man’s narcissistic vanity’ and said he had ‘shredded the ministerial code “.

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“The Queen’s Prime Minister is now undoubtedly a Red Prime Minister, unworthy of her, her parliament, her people and her kingdom,” he added. “I can’t remember a day when I was more afraid for the well-being of the constitution.”

Reacting to his judgement, people thought he hit the nail on the head:

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Harold B. McConnell