Letter from the Ocean Park Association on the Lincoln Project

The following is a letter from the Ocean Park Association (OPA) on a development that is expected to bring 521 apartments and 36,000 square feet of commercial space at the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Park Boulevards.

Our positioning:

Our bylaws state, “The purpose of the OPA is to further the interests of the residents of the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica. In support of its purpose, the OPA will collect and disseminate useful information to these residents and engage in charitable and educational activities that will promote the quality of life in this neighborhood.

Recognizing the broad discretion that the “By Right” Project designation affords developers, and therefore the limitations for the community to influence the Lincoln Project, we will focus our attention on general project education and awareness, and advocacy. on three areas where we can have a positive impact on the project through discussions within the framework of the city council still required

Reviews by the Architectural Review Board and the Mobility Department, as well as directly with the developer and any leads identified:

1. Traffic and road safety
2. Affordable Housing Benefits
3. Necessary neighborhood services


We believe that more local housing for everyone isn’t just the law, it’s good for the City and our neighborhoods. More housing will help young families, underrepresented communities, older residents and civic workers such as teachers, police officers and other first responders to afford to live here. This will help promote equity and diversity of all kinds and keep Ocean Park and our city vibrant. We strive to play a role in how these goals are achieved in the short and long term.

OPA looks forward to continuing its mission at Ocean Park: to advocate, engage, educate, inform and, we must add, do our best to come together to create the best quality of life together and for all of us.

OPA Board of Directors

Harold B. McConnell