Leap Playground is dark and unattractive

Parents do not want their children to use the Leap Playground.

That was the stern warning Cllr Karen Coakley (FG) issued to Council officials at a West Cork Municipal District meeting.

The counselor raised the issue to complain about the ‘appalling condition’ of the play equipment and to express her concerns that the equipment could be unsafe.

“Parents don’t want their kids to go,” she said, “because the equipment is substandard, which is a shame because it’s a nice facility and it’s in a good location.”

The playground is conveniently located opposite the church car park and is connected by a zebra crossing. But Cllr Coakley has warned the equipment is “poor quality”.

“Many parts are broken and pose a hazard,” she said. “There are exposed nails, missing rails and uneven floor surfaces.

“A lot of the gear is made of wood, which doesn’t dry out easily and can actually be quite slippery and dangerous after rain,” she added.

“Because the equipment retains moisture, so it is continuously wet.

“The equipment also looks unattractive as there is no color and it is very outdated. In fact, she says, “it looks very dark and uninviting,” she told the Southern Star after the reunion.

Calling for an updated and safe play area for Leap, Cllr Coakley said it was needed for the primary school across the road, as well as the other two nearby schools in Glandore and Maultrahane .

Cllr Coakley said she had been contacted by several families who wanted to use the play area but for the reasons above felt it was a health and safety issue and would not allow not their children to use it.

“It is imperative that the equipment be replaced with stainless steel equipment,” she said, “and the upgrade must be done without delay.”

The Board’s senior manager, MacDara Oh-Icí, agreed that the wooden equipment will have to be replaced with stainless steel equipment. He said the Council will apply for funding and will also work to update its lease of the facility with the local community council.

Harold B. McConnell