Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground inaugurates Canyon | KAMR

CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — After years of fundraising for Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground, the community attended the park’s grand opening on Thursday.

Quinn Alexander, chairman of the KHMP committee, said he was able to raise over $1.3 million for the park.

“To be able to put this park in the city of Canyon and not just for the city of Canyon but for the whole of begging. It honors a truly special woman, Kylie Hiner, and that’s what communities do to make us better. It takes the whole community and region to do this and make this kind of success today,” said Alexander.

Mary Hiner, mother of Kylie Hiner, said she and Kylie love the Canyon community and are proud to be part of it. Hiner added that she and Kylie’s father received a presentation at the start of the park asking for the park to be honored in their daughter’s name.

“It was a total shock, like I said, we went to this fake meeting and then they gave the presentation. It says Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground and they said it would be fine for you all. Of course the tears flowed and since then we have been side by side to make it happen with them,” Hiner said.

Alexander said this playground would bring children from the Panhandle to Canyon.

“I think it will be a joy for people to come here and it honors Kylie Hiner, but it also honors everyone because it’s a place. There are no limits. And it’s going to allow families to come together. It’s a quality of life thing, and you know in today’s time and economy, it’s good to have a bit of laughter and joy and that’s what we are going to have,” added Alexander.

Vance Hall, chairman of the AMBUS Southwest Playgrounds Committee, said in Kylie’s honor that this park will be inclusive for all children.

“It’s a place where all children can play. Children with special needs, it is designed for wheelchairs. Anything you need, regardless of disability, they can do it. We’re going to have places for music that kids with autism will love. The most important thing is that siblings can come out and play with them,” Hall added.

Accessibility will also be available with ramps around the park and swings designed for children in wheelchairs.

Hall said parents can feel safe at this park because it was designed with safety in mind for all children.

The community could see the playground open in late spring or early May.

Harold B. McConnell