iShowSpeed ​​kicked out of amusement park after roller coaster live stream

. 1 month ago

Popular YouTuber Darren “iShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. was kicked out of an amusement park after streaming on a roller coaster – and he filmed the entire ordeal on camera.

iShowSpeed ​​has made a name for itself over the past few months as one of the most controversial streamers.

Speed ​​currently has over 8.6 million subscribers on its main YouTube channel, but that hasn’t always been the case. In fact, it first caught the eye last year after going from 500,000 to 1.5 million subscribers in just one week.

However, his success was overshadowed several months later when he received permanent bans from Twitch and Valorant after he made sexist remarks towards a player during a live broadcast.

YouTube: iShowSpeed

iShowSpeed ​​is a popular YouTuber known for his overreactions.

While Speed ​​has since apologized for the matter and continues to make waves on YouTube, he recently received another ban… But this time the ban is for an actual location.

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Video footage of the incident, taken by Speed, shows the YouTuber enjoying a roller coaster ride on what appears to be King’s Island in Ohio.

When the ride stops in a tunnel, Speed ​​shouts to the other passengers, “Shut the fuck up!” Everyone on this merry-go-round, shut the fuck up! For God’s sake!”

However, it wasn’t this outburst (presumably while having fun, as it appears he was joined by friends and fans on the ride) that resulted in his banning from the theme park.

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“I don’t get a warning, nothing like that?” Speed ​​can be heard saying as he speaks with a park attendant in his video.

“You have to go,” replies the worker. “…anyone who records during the ride, it’s an automatic rejection.”

The worker went on to explain that Speed ​​may have dropped his recording equipment which took him into the ride – something that could have resulted in serious injury to others on the mountains roller coasters or walking underneath.

It looks like Speed ​​won’t be able to stream on a roller coaster at this particular location, and it’s unclear if his ban from the park was permanent or not.

Harold B. McConnell