Inside London’s ‘Stingy’ Playground with a broken drawbridge stuck behind a fence

A ‘stingy’ playground in London with a fenced-in drawbridge and a mushroom-shaped seat is a ‘sad indictment’, a frustrated resident has claimed. Andy Millns pointed to the Greenwich playground, which he said had been closed for years. It contains only a single broken drawbridge and a mushroom to which a spring is attached.

The playground sits amid the £225million redevelopment of East Greenwich by developers Hadley Property Group and Mace on the site of the former Greenwich District Hospital. Developers have built 686 new homes in the area along with a new recreation center and larger library.

But Andy, who has lived in East Greenwich for 20 years, is unhappy with the play area that has been added. He said: “It saddens me that they built such a miserly playground in the first place, let alone a playground that only lasted a few years before rotting into an unusable state. It reflects the lack of thought that went into the rest of the place, which was a missed opportunity to create a real community focal point.

“Even when fully functional, it was a sad indictment of how much we really care about children’s ability to socialize and exercise.” Andy pointed to Royal Greenwich’s local plan core strategy document, which says: “The Royal Borough will protect existing children’s play areas. In residential developments which include more than 50 family housing units, play areas Well-equipped and well-designed children’s toys are needed for different age groups.”

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This playground bridge appears to be broken, with the bridge itself being cordoned off behind metal railings

Andy added: “It’s nothing more than slightly depressing horror. I’ve seen many examples of similar pathetic playgrounds being built in the area, but this is by far the worst. C It’s such a shame as given its location it would be well used as it’s a safe and pleasant place in an area with no community spaces away from the traffic hell of Trafalgar Road.”

Another resident who lived nearby added that the playground was popular with children before it was cordoned off. The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “Even though it’s such a small area, they still loved it. There were always kids playing in it.”

Greenwich Council has been contacted for comment. Developers Mace and Hadley Property Group have also been contacted for comment.

Harold B. McConnell