Inclusive fun is here to stay as Water World Ocean Park becomes Asia’s first autism-certified water park

Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong becomes the first Certified Autism Center™ water park in Asia.

We are delighted to designate Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong as the first autism-certified water park in Asia. We look forward to working with the park as they continue their accessibility journey.

— Myron Pincomb, Chairman of the Board of IBCCES.

ABERDEEN, HONG KONG SAR, August 29, 2022 / — Water World Ocean Park welcomes all to this summer’s most inclusive water adventure. This heartwarming invitation follows Water World Ocean Park’s certification by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) as Certified Autism Center™ (CAC). The certification makes Hong Kongers’ favorite water park a proven facility that is inclusive, accessible and sensory-friendly for adventurers with autism or other sensory sensitivities.

The park partnered with non-governmental organizations to invite more than 200 guests, including people with autism and their caregivers, to take advantage of Water World last month to share in this outstanding achievement.

Water World is a welcoming space for adventurers with different entertainment needs and interests. Surrounded by lush green landscape and natural wonders, Water World offers a vast environment for adventurers with sensory challenges to explore nature. The park strives to provide everyone with plenty of opportunities for quality playtime and unique experiences that will refresh their body and mind while remaining socially engaged.

“Socialization is an essential part of growth for all children, but people with autism often find it a daunting proposition. At the same time, their caregivers – parents – also experience stress when they cannot meet the needs of socializing their children. We knew that a safe, refreshing yet controlled environment where these families could spend quality time and where children could bond with neurodivergent and neurotypical peers was a pressing need in our society. So we invited IBCCES to assess our facilities and provide expert recommendations and staff training to make Water World an inclusive space for all families,” said Ivan Wong, CEO of Ocean Park Corporation.

Research has found that many people with autism and sensory impairment don’t respond well to change, and their families may find it difficult to visit places of entertainment due to the lack of flexible options. With an exciting mix of facilities designed with varying levels of stimulation and a comprehensive set of sensory guides provided by IBCCES that rate the level of stimulation for each of the five senses on a scale of 1-10, adventurers can experience the excitement of water in a way that feels safe and predictable.

“In addition to the sensory guides available for reference, we’ve included comprehensive information on the Water World Ocean Park website for different types of adventurers to comfortably plan and prepare for their trip. We’ve also made it easy for them to know at what to expect and to make special requests or ask for assistance, as our staff has been trained to understand the specific needs and preferences of this segment from a customer perspective,” explained Bryan Fish, Executive Director of the Water World.

As an expert on children with special needs, Victor Ching, Registered Psychologist in Hong Kong and Registered Psychologist in the UK, provided helpful tips for parents on how best to take advantage of Water World’s offerings with their affected children. of autism.

“Environmental stimulation is essential for children’s development as they learn about the world through different senses. However, some autistic people might be hypersensitive to the environment. They need guidance to gradually adapt to the environment. Parents and carers will now have access to sensory guides at various locations in Water World, which inform them about aspects such as the noise of the facilities and the cries of other visitors. They will have the opportunity to start their journey in relatively less noisy areas and move on to other exciting areas later in their journey,” Ching commented.

“We are delighted to nominate Water World water park in Hong Kong as the first water park certified for autism in Asia. We look forward to working with the park as they continue their accessibility journey to provide the best experience for all visitors,” said IBCCES Board Chair Myron Pincomb. “We hope Water World’s dedication and commitment will be a catalyst for other travel and entertainment groups in the region to consider taking this next step towards inclusion.”

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