I’m A Celebrity jungle tribes revealed – ‘playground assassin’ to ‘rebel leader’ and star ‘desperate for power’

It’s barely been a week and we’re already seeing cliques forming on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

In the early days Boy George ran into Charlene White while cooking, the singer brandishing the loose women star “control“.


Cliques and teams have already formed in the jungle I’m A Celeb1 credit

Body language expert Judi James thinks the pair are members of opposing “tribes” in the jungle and predicts we’ll have more feuds.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “They may be playing well right now, but the mischievous behavior started almost the moment they entered the camp.

“The Circumstances of “Group Survival” i am a celebrity creates tribal animal structures and behaviors – and this group has entered directly into the “assault” stage of battles for power.”

Here, Judi gives her verdict on this year’s camp tribes – from rebels to leaders.

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Lambs at the slaughterhouse

Judi thinks love is cheating on Matt Hancock and Seann Walsh are trying to make amends


Judi thinks love is cheating on Matt Hancock and Seann Walsh are trying to make amends1 credit

Judi thinks the former health secretary Matt Hancock44 years old and actor Sean Walsh36, both must be ‘arrogant’ if they think they can ‘manipulate’ viewers into giving them a second chance after their respective infidelity scandals.

The Sun has revealed Matt Hancock broke his own lockdown rules by having an office affair with his assistant Gina Coladangelo and Seann’s secret snog with married Strictly star Katia Joneswhen he too had a girlfriend at the time.

Judi adds: “Nothing says ‘lambs to the slaughter’ quite like the phrase ‘I want people to see the real me’ from any celebrity who is arrogant enough to think they can manipulate a reality audience.

“Matt says he wants people to see the ‘guy behind the podium’. He clearly forgets we did, and that’s why he lost his job.

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“His toothy ‘smile’ looks like something of a David Attenborough program.

“It’s more about showing teeth than a smile of pleasure, suggesting that we could see a lot of fake humor erased from him in the jungle.

“When he comes in front of the camera, his face looks almost filmed in 3D.

“He looms into the camera with a wide-eyed, wide-open-mouthed smile that suggests he’s desperate to be loved and desperate to be our friend.”

Judi adds that Seann’s “beg for forgiveness” is more “submissive”, evident in his bowed head when he first spoke on camera.

But when we saw his face, he was sporting a “mischievous smile, as if he was greeting an old friend he hadn’t seen for a long time”.

Natural Alphas

Jill Scott and Mike Tindall share power as camp's natural alphas, says Judi


Jill Scott and Mike Tindall share power as camp’s natural alphas, says Judi1 credit

As a natural leader, Judi believes mike tindal44 – the first member of the Royal family participate in the ITV reality show – was unhappy when Owen Warner took control of the boat before entering the jungle.

Meanwhile Jill Scott35, was voted FA Players’ Player of the Year in 2008 and played a key role in England‘The Lionesses’ Victory at Euro 2022.

Judi says: “Mike and Jill are both strong, brave and seemingly fair and motivating.

“They don’t push their credentials to fight for power, they support and protect – like when Mike got rid of that spider.”

Alpha wannabe

Owen is a budding alpha and forms the perfect trio with Mike and Jill


Owen is a budding alpha and forms the perfect trio with Mike and Jill1 credit

Judi believes Hollyoaks actor owenthe youngest campmate, has the potential to be a full-fledged alpha.

She says: “He would be a typical wannabe alpha in any animal tribe, but he clearly had the good sense to use submission rituals to both Mike and Jill.

“Now he has shown he admires them, forming a perfect trio at the top of the tribe.”

Feeder alpha

Charlene White is an alpha nurturer and did the cooking


Charlene White is an alpha nurturer and did the cooking1 credit

While others may be aiming for a physical alpha position, Judi believes Charlene, 42, is aiming for a higher level of “power and status”.

She says, “Physical alphas may be brave, but when hunger takes over, it’s whoever does the cooking who holds the most power.

“Charlene’s delegation techniques lack empathy. She pulls up her collar in a power ritual that makes her look like Gordon Ramsay in his kitchen and gives orders using rituals on the spot and without eye contact.

“In the hut she said ‘there is no leader’, shrugging her shoulders to make her point, but her eyes quickly and frequently turned to the right, showing that she might not believe him.”

Playground Assassin

Judi thinks Chris Moyles picks his targets in the jungle


Judi thinks Chris Moyles picks his targets in the jungle1 credit

When it comes to ex-Radio 1 star Chris Moyle48-year-old Judi says that while he plays “everyone’s favorite uncle”, he “also picks his targets”.

“His current victim is Owen,” she said. “It might seem like a fun game to lie to him about being a ballroom dancer to get him excited, but it’s cruel in a small, newly bonded tribe.

“It makes Owen look stupid in front of others and instead of letting Owen know he was joking right away, Chris has fun seeing how long he can fool him.

“Owen is the happy pup at camp and he doesn’t deserve this withdrawal from an older man who barely knows him.”

Potential alpha

Babatunde Aléshé could step in as an alpha if necessary


Babatunde Aléshé could step in as an alpha if necessary1 credit

Glasses Box Star Babatunde Aléshé, 34, is a fun and laid-back campmate, but Judi thinks he shouldn’t be left out of the alpha pack.

She tells us, “Babatunde used body language rituals to show he could make an alpha leader if needed.

“There was a dramatic pose after winning nine stars where he roared like a lion and bared and flared his chest.

“With Matt’s arrival, he and Mike seem to have become very close. This could be the bromance of camp.”

leader of the rebellion

Boy George is a rebel who will face Mike's group, says Judi


Boy George is a rebel who will face Mike’s group, says Judi1 credit

The Culture Club singer, 61, is assembling his own team of rebels to take on Mike’s band, according to Judi.

She says: “Boy George uses personal withdrawal to make their case forcefully, either by being silent or by sitting apart.

“In his argument with Charlene, he placed a hand over her face in a ritual of frustration before tapping her lips with a finger.

“It may be a self-soothing technique, but outwardly it looks like a metronomic gesture of impatience, as if biding its time.”

Judi believes he tried to recruit Chris into his ‘rebel army’ but struck gold with Scarlette Douglaswho became ‘deputy leader of the rebellion’.

Redundant feeder alpha

Sue could potentially end up going against Charlene for her nurturing alpha role


Sue could potentially end up going against Charlene for her nurturing alpha role1 credit

According to Judi, Coronation Street star Sue CleaverThe 59-year-old is in danger of slipping into the background as the mum role she wanted to take on was snatched away by Charlene.

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She explains: “She’s been sitting quietly but could be ripe for the picking in terms of George’s rebel group recruitment drive, taking over as the protective mother of the rebels and taking Charlene neck and neck.

“She sat watching Charlene with her arms folded like she was biding her time in a previous episode this week.”

Harold B. McConnell