I have 12 children – our family trip to Scottish theme park was a BIG waste of money it was a disaster

A SUPERMUM with 12 children has slammed a ‘disappointing’ amusement park in Aberdeen after a family trip ended in ‘disaster’.

Zoe Sullivan, 43, and her husband Ben, 47, said the trip to Codona Park in Aberdeen was a ‘big waste of money’ after they were furious over issues at the amusement park.


Zoe and Ben Sullivan shared their experience on their family vlog on YouTubeCredit: YOUTUBE
They said their trip to Codona Park in Aberdeen was a


They said their trip to Codona Park in Aberdeen was a ‘disaster’ and a ‘total waste of money’Credit: Alamy

On their family YouTube vlog, the parents, from Lossiemouth, Moray, listed a host of complaints about their stay there and warned others not to visit.

In the half-hour video, the couple hit out after that, unlike other theme parks, their older children weren’t allowed to team up with their younger children on the rides because they were not “adults” – although they paid for a full adult ticket.

Since Zoe had to stay with their baby, Ben was the only other adult over 18, which meant he couldn’t sit with his 10 other kids at the same time for the rides.

According to the Codona Amusement Park terms and conditions, young children can only ride rides with an adult – but Zoe refused to pay the price of an adult ticket for their 15, 16 and 17 year olds who were classed as an adult, but were then treated with the same rules as a child regarding rides.

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She also said she “couldn’t find it anywhere” under the terms and conditions that “the adult” who could associate with the children on the rides had to be at least 18 years old, and said her older kids should have been able to continue with them like they do at other theme parks.

Other complaints were issues with parking, mini golf, go karts, people smoking freely in the park, rude staff members, lack of signage and bathrooms, rude managers and access for disabled people.

And to make matters worse, they had saved up for the day and cut other expenses to afford £300 for the trip after being unable to go anywhere with the children in 2021 when both of their cars broke down.

At the start of the review, Zoe said: “It was a disaster, to say the least. It was horrible, terrible. Horrible day. I’ve never been anywhere so fair… horrible .”

Ben said: “We’re not normally the kind of people who complain about things and we always try to make the best of things and make the best of things.”

But Zoe added, “For the sake of the kids more than anything. But yesterday was just…it was a disaster from start to finish.”

After a problematic start to the day with a rough commute and difficult parking, things started to go downhill when they went to play mini golf and Zoe was told she couldn’t take their buggy with them.

She was forced to sit with the baby while Ben took the rest of the children away – but she was furious at a group of people smoking next to her, which she said was ‘disgusting’ next to her. ‘a baby.

But things went from bad to worse when they were told they couldn’t take their pram to the children’s play area at Smugglers Cove and that the staff were “very rude” to them.

Zoe said: “The staff were really rude. The kids were brought up to be polite…and they don’t have to be rude to them.

“Every member of staff except about three staff members had a real attitude problem… there’s just no need for rude customer service.

“We paid almost £300 and it felt like you were doing them a favor by being there.

“Everywhere we turned there were things they couldn’t go on…kids were crying and they were upset.”

When it came to getting food, the lack of signage made it difficult for them to find the restaurant, and after being refused help from staff, Ben said: “They really don’t care. “.

And Zoe couldn’t find a baby changing area after staff offered no help other than suggesting she check the disabled toilet which had been locked for over 40 minutes. As a result, Zoe had to change her baby on a bench inside the playpen.

After complaining about the “incredibly rude” staff, Zoe spoke to a manager who she said was “just as rude and obnoxious as the others”.

And when they tried to get their money back, Zoe said they were told ‘you haven’t read the terms and conditions’.

She added, “It’s just shocking. If anyone is considering going to Condonas, don’t bother. Don’t bother. They’re not family friendly at all.”

Zoe with her children


Zoe with her children

Users flocked to the comments for the video as they encouraged the family to get money back for their trip.

One user wrote, “This looks like a nightmare. Hope they refunded you and apologized.”

Another added: “It’s such a shame. It’s very sad how they treated you. I think they should give you a refund and management should apologize to each child and both of you.”

A third posted: “It’s a shame you are rightly frustrated, upset and disappointed on every level. Definitely not prepared for FAMILIES.”

Codona’s Park operations manager Ian Littlewood told the Scottish Sun they are now making changes to the park in light of the video.

This includes revising the signage of all these facilities so that they are more visible to all customers and designing a floor plan so that all customers know the location of the facilities.

He added that the Sullivans were invited to go to the park for free.

Ian said: “I confirm that we take all feedback and feedback from our customers constructively and welcome all feedback.

“We are a family business and pride ourselves on providing fun, safe and affordable facilities.

“Our ‘fully loaded’ offer offers unlimited rides (height restrictions apply), adventure golf, pizza and a choice of 1 go-kart ride,
1 game of laser tag or 1 entry to the Smugglers Cove playground.

“The online pre-booked price for this option is £21.99 per person. When booking any of our options online, our TCs are displayed on screen and must be agreed before the transaction can be carried out.

“The terms and conditions include all height restrictions. Information on height restrictions is also included on our website.

“Our facility has 75 dedicated car parking spaces, all located adjacent to our site with direct access to our main entrance.

“To confirm, we have two dedicated smoking areas, one located in our front parking lot and the other in the outside park.

“We have elevator access to our pizzeria and four changing tables located at various locations on our site.

“In line with the points raised, we will review the signage of all these facilities so that they are more visible to all customers. We will also design a layout plan so that all customers know the location of all our facilities.

“This would include toilets, first aid, smoking areas, lifts, parking and baby changing facilities.

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“We have a customer service program in place for all employees and management. However, we are taking into account the points raised and the administrators will immediately review these systems.

“Finally, we would like to confirm that we have contacted the Sullivan family and have invited them back to our FOC property. We want all of our guests to have an enjoyable experience and we hope the family will allow us to prove that this is the case. during their return visit.”

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