Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Announces New Strategic Vision

Ocean Park Hong Kong has unveiled a detailed plan for the future that leverages the park’s unique ability to integrate nature, conservation and educational entertainment. The plan, which calls for the park to be redeveloped into seven experiential zones with adventure as the main theme, will introduce an array of new attractions and high-tech thrill rides, including an incredible number of self-paced interactive rides. The new design will also showcase the beauty of Ocean Park’s natural setting on the south coast in a whole new light, encourage immersive interaction between visitor and environment, and inspire a deeper love for nature.

“Our globally recognized focus on conservation and education makes Ocean Park much more than an amusement park,” said Leo Kung, President of Ocean Park. “This strategic repositioning plan will build on our heritage as a park that combines entertainment, education and conservation. It aims to provide guests of all ages with new experiences of adventure and discovery like nowhere else, which sets Ocean Park apart from the increasingly competitive theme park industry in APAC.

Ocean Park will look to the Hong Kong government to play a role in funding the strategic repositioning plan which is expected to cost HK$10.64 billion, with new attractions to be launched in phases from 2023 to 2027.

“The change in the inbound visitor profile as traditional tour groups are replaced by FIT (Independent Frequent Traveler) tourists and family travelers makes it imperative for the park to gain a new strategic positioning,” Kung added. “The proposed master plan and creative concepts are based on extensive research and conceptualized using the Design Thinking approach, with guests at the epicenter at every stage of the process. We believe this strategic repositioning plan will give the park a much-needed boost and reshape the future of Ocean Park.

Growing with Hong Kong and its economy

The brand new Ocean Park is expected to attract up to 7.5 million visitors in 2027/28, generating HK$43.8 billion in projected economic benefits for Hong Kong by 2030 (based on 2019 prices), and create approximately 11,100 visitor-time jobs by 2029/30 in total.

“As the People’s Park of Hong Kong, a local international brand and an all-time favorite for tourists around the world, we are calling for community support on our strategic repositioning plan, which aims to reinvent Ocean Park, enable its financial viability and enhance Hong Kong’s appeal as a premier world-class destination,” Kung added.

Seven new zones for exceptional customer experiences

The park has been working on its strategic repositioning plan since 2018. Insights generated from research and surveys conducted in Hong Kong and six other key visitor source markets in Asia – Mainland China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea South – outline the planning and design principles of the new Ocean Park.

The proposed master plan will see Ocean Park evolve into an adventure-themed resort destination inspired by nature and underpinned by conservation, which allows visitors to take a break from city life, explore with those who matter the most and to share individualized and memorable experiences that truly impress. The new design maximizes the sites unique topography and shorelines, with new family-friendly, all-weather attractions and interactive, self-paced thrill rides to elevate the guest experience. In addition to being a park-wide natural classroom, the park also plans to add a new indoor education center.

The current Waterfront will be opened and divided into two themed areas: Ocean Square and the new Azure Bay, with the creation of a new entrance to the park, so that Ocean Square becomes accessible to the public free of charge, allowing customers to enjoy an array of dining and retail offerings, and world-class performance. It will provide totally different day and night experiences and entertain Hong Kongers and foreign guests of all ages before they enter the park.

Located just behind the new entrance, Azure Bay will include water features, as well as iconic rides and other trail and adventure facilities that take advantage of the park’s topography. The new Deep Water Bay pier and eco-friendly tourist ferries will provide guests with magnificent views of Hong Kong’s southern coastline, while providing a convenient way to travel between the waterfront and Tai Shue Wan. A new monorail ride will take visitors from the park entrance to the pier.

At New Summit, guests’ journey will unfold through five different themed areas, including Discovery Grove, Pacific Point, Ocean’s Edge, Adventure Valley and Explorer’s Wharf – all of which will feature their own unique thrill rides, adventure experiences and entertainment opportunities. edutainment.

Grove of Discovery, the highlight of the new summit, is an all-weather area for all-day, year-round family fun with a wide range of facilities designed to provide unique experiences for all family members. This includes a new indoor roller coaster equipped with the latest multimedia technology that will allow guests to experience the underwater world like never before as they speed along its tracks.

tip of the pacific will be a foodie’s paradise, offering delicious food and drink in a unique cliffside restaurant that will offer breathtaking sea views of the spectacular south side of Hong Kong Island.

Featuring two spectacular self-controlled thriller roller coasters built into the park’s unique hills and topography, the highlights of the Edge of the ocean will see guests enjoying these unique rides while controlling their own speed and navigating tricky turns, with the bravest able to ignore the wind and pick up their pace if they dare.

the adventure valley will delight guests with a car racing experience on the slope of the park. Family members and friends can either choose to go at their own group pace or challenge and compete against each other as they seek to see who reaches the bottom first.

As part of the park’s new master plan, Ocean Theater will be converted into a new multi-purpose performance venue. Marine mammals, including dolphins, will be moved to a new exhibit at Explorer’s Wharf, which offers a bespoke multi-species environment for marine mammals and underwater viewing opportunities.

Moving Forward with Animal Ambassadors

Since its opening in 1977, Ocean Park has gradually evolved into a regional conservation center with international recognition of strict standards of animal care, veterinary expertise and best animal husbandry practices.

“The marine animals cared for by the park play an essential role in the conservation and education mission of the park. For many years, our marine mammal ambassadors, especially dolphins, have helped people learn about their species and habitats,” Kung said. “According to the new plan, the Ocean Wonder show will cease. Dolphins will continue to inspire our guests to help protect the oceans and marine ecosystems through up-close sightings, educational presentations and interactive marine conservation-themed programs.

The proposed strategic repositioning plan will increase the number of attractions at Ocean Park by approximately 25% to over 100. With two hotels (Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong) and a water park, Ocean Park hopes to continue its transformation into a world-class resort destination by improving its scale, uniqueness and quality of guest experience.

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Harold B. McConnell