From “Theme Park” to “Resort”: redesign of Ocean Park

According to Ocean Park Chairman Lau Ming-wai, Ocean Park will soon focus on running a theme park to become a resort-type destination for members of the public.

The news came as the government suggested Ocean Park will open for free within the next two to three years and only charge visitors for rides and exhibits.

Lau told a press conference today that citizens will soon be able to access the park for free all year round and will only be charged separately for each facility, such as animal exhibits, the park’s iconic cable car and thrill rides.

“Food services and some of the attractions will be operated by contractors in the future, as the park has enough space to accommodate them,” Lau said.

He added that the park will focus on operating its core areas including the animal exhibits and the water park – which will soon be available in August or September during the summer.

In the policy speech last November, the government said it had focused on revitalizing Ocean Park and boosting nearby facilities as part of its plans to “reinvigorate the South Island”.

Considering this, Lau said that in the future, the park will no longer be a one-day attraction for people to come and go.

“Instead, the park will be a starting point for people to further explore the South Island. We will also intervene in communities and schools to promote public awareness and participation in nature conservation,” Lau said.

Harold B. McConnell