For us, sewing is edgy and our favorite creative playground.

Famous international fashion designers Falguni and Shane Peacock are known for their futuristic and unconventional styles. With their designs adorned by celebrities around the world, including Beyonce, Katy Perry and Paris Hilton to name a few, the designer duo have put Indian couture on the global map.

The creative duo, who first came together in 2018, felt the show was a turning point for them. Today, as fashion designers loved around the world, they are all set to wow the public with their physical showcase of “Love Forever”.

Before their couture show at 15e FDCI edition India Couture Week, to be held on July 29 at the Taj Palace, Falguni and Shane Peacock spoke to News18 about their love for couture, the collection that marries French and Indian architecture and what to expect for the modern Indian bride this season of marriage. Excerpts from the interview:

After two years of digital showcase, Falguni and Shane Peacock will celebrate couture in person and on the catwalk this time

How would you define your love for sewing?

For us, tailoring is forward-thinking with a touch of tradition, room to constantly evolve, and our favorite creative playground.

Couture in India celebrates craftsmanship and a designer’s perspective on fashion, what will your latest couture collection bring to India Couture Week?

Couture in India is mostly about bridal culture, and for us too, it was a pleasure to fashion our designs for brides entering a new phase in their lives. The cuts are traditional yet up-to-date, serving as the perfect prep for today’s bride. Cropped blouses with sheer detailing, feathers and ruffles are paired with chrome sconces and embedded crystals in structured Lehengas. As the modern Indian bride begins the new journey of her life with a whole new perspective, the narrative behind the line identifies with the ideology of embarking on a new adventure with confidence and certainty.

Cropped blouses with sheer details, feathers and ruffles are paired with chrome appliqués and crystals embedded in structured Lehengas

With the mix of Indian and French aesthetics present in the collection, what makes it a signature Falguni Shane Peacock (FSP) design?

Love Forever is influenced by rich French tapestries and Renaissance artwork. The designs in the collection have a history that begins to reveal inspiration drawn from Art Nouveau and the scale of French architecture where elements are married to Indian architectural facets like minarets, archways and domes, among others.

It celebrates the land that is home to countless works of art and some of the most famous masters in the history of modern art and design – Chagall, Picasso, Braque, Le Corbusier and many more with a touch and an FSP signature.

Love Forever is influenced by rich French tapestries and Renaissance artwork.  Picture: Instagram
Love Forever is influenced by rich French tapestries and Renaissance artwork. Picture: Instagram

Your designs have always had a futuristic approach, would there be a glimpse in this collection?

Yes, our fundamental design ethos is to blend bold, intricately detailed contemporary cuts and Indian embellishments and present them with a signature FSP touch that is futuristic. Each set is distinctive and exquisite in its own way, but bound together by a common thread of international appeal.

What awaits the modern Indian bride this wedding season?

Innovation and creative passion come to life in terms of method and are natively anchored in terms of approach in this collection. One of the highlighted accents introduced are embellished face veils for brides. Intricate adornment has redefined the meaning of veils in this charming collection.

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