Dad Who Broke Dolphin Playground Toy Gets Cheeky Reminder From Brother On His Wedding Day

A Kettering dad who infamously broke an iconic dolphin toy at Kettering Pleasure Park received a cheeky reminder of the incident from his brother on his wedding day. The 33-year-old went viral after breaking the Dolphins playground toy last September.

David Beeby took his young daughter and nephew to Kettering’s Pleasure Park after lunch on Sunday September 13. later proven to be a mistake.

David ended up snapping the beloved dolphin in front of a crowd of kids. He said at the time, “the whole park went silent and people started laughing, I got up totally red-faced, embarrassed and guilty.”

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But David’s embarrassment didn’t end there. To prevent other children from playing on the broken equipment, he picked up the dolphin and threw it in his car, not realizing that he had in fact officially broken and stolen public property.

“I spoke on the phone with a woman from the town hall who, in peals of laughter, explained to me that I had broken and stolen something!” said David. “She said my details have been put on the system and the council will be in touch, I mentioned I will pay for any damage caused as it was due to my stupidity that I broke it.”

David’s story caused further hilarity on a Kettering Facebook page, and one person even suggested setting up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the damages. Fortunately the council said they would pay for the repairs, the dolphin was recovered the next day and the calamity was consigned to the past.

But you can always count on your brother to remind you of your most embarrassing moments, especially on your wedding day. It was certainly Carl Newton’s idea when he gave his brother, David, a small present on Saturday morning before David got married.

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“My brother is no stranger to the Criminal Damage Act of 1971,” Carl said. “And I thought he would like to be reminded of what a burden he is to society on his wedding day.”

As his brother prepared for the biggest day of his life outside All Saints Parish Church on Saturday June 18, Carl handed him a small wrapped package. Inside was nothing less than an exact model of the dolphin toy that David had notoriously destroyed last September.

“I designed it in Blender, the people’s 3D computer graphics software, using the photos he took as evidence of his act of abduction,” Carl said. “I don’t have a 3D printer, but I have a friend who does and knows David and what a special person he is.

“He was more than happy to help. I know David appreciates the extra care my friend took in painting the thousand yard look on Dauphinois’ face.” This is the name they decided to give to the unfortunate dolphin.

The dolphin looked rather sad after David's accident
The dolphin looked rather sad after David’s accident in September

True to his brotherly form, David appeared both annoyed and amazed at his brother’s work. “It’s the real one!” he said, before showing it to the family members, laughing.

But after the ceremony, Carl decided it was right for the two Dauphinoises to meet. “I discovered that the traumatized dolphin had been repaired and was only down the road. I left the group to take a photo of Dauphinois Jr over the original.”

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