Couple charged with public indecency after ‘sex offence’ at amusement park haunted house

CLEVELAND (WOIO/Gray News) — An Ohio couple have been arrested for alleged inappropriate behavior while visiting Cedar Point amusement park.

WOIO reports that the charges stem from an alleged “sex offense” involving a man and woman, both 38, who were at the park’s Halloween attraction on September 30.

Sandusky Police say officers responded to the park after a 17-year-old girl reported seeing a woman have her hand in the zipper of a man’s pants while “making a swaying motion.” -and-coming”.

Police said the teenager recorded a video of the incident on her phone and shared it with officers before questioning the couple.

In a conversation with police, the man reportedly denied any inappropriate contact and said they had been “very intimate” because they had recently started dating.

According to police, the couple were arrested and face a charge of public indecency which was upgraded to a second degree misdemeanor because the witness was a minor.

The couple were taken to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office for further processing.

Sandusky police say the teen’s video factored into their decision to arrest the couple.

Harold B. McConnell