Concrete Playground connects with Gen Z and millennial travelers on new e-commerce platform

Concrete Playground has been sorting through the noise to offer travel, food and entertainment recommendations Down Under since its launch in 2009.

This week, the digital city guide made the natural transition to travel e-commerce with its new “Concrete Playground Trips” booking platform.

Powered by the TRAVLR travel technology platform, CP Trips curates itineraries across Australia and New Zealand. Itineraries include flights, accommodations and experiences, from outdoor adventures to luxury getaways and city breaks.

Above all, the platform has found its niche among online trip planning providers. Leveraging Concrete Playground’s existing audience of 1.2 million young monthly users, CP Trips is designed specifically for Gen Z and Millennial travelers.

“For 13 years, we’ve been the go-to destination for the best experiences in Australia and New Zealand,” says Rich Fogarty, Founder and Director of Concrete Playground.

“So it’s only fitting that we go a step further and offer them as bookable experiences to our dedicated audience.”

CP Trips taps into the post-pandemic wanderlust for users who have lost two years of their youth to shutdowns and border closures. To dig deeper into their expectations and trends emerging from the pandemic, Concrete Playground conducted research in April 2022 with its Gen Z and Millennial audience.

Youth Travel Trends

The research found that 40% of respondents plan to spend more than their pre-COVID spending. Relaxation is the most popular reason they go into tourism. 31% of Gen Z respondents and 30% of Millennials surveyed say they book trips to relax.

CP Trips has focused its attention on domestic travel, with 50% of New Zealanders and 53% of Australians planning to take more domestic trips this year compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Tasmania tops the list for Australians, and CP Trips has tailored itineraries accordingly with the likes of “Five Days of Hobart’s Finest”.

It also means unearthing lesser-known destinations for the 70% of respondents who would prefer to get off the beaten track, and the 74% who want to “live like a local”.

Collect booking data and create new revenue streams

CP Trips expects to better understand the use of the booking platform. Its editorial team owns all of the first-party data generated from bookings, which it says it uses to create experiences tailored to its audience in the future.

And they’re not the first media company to integrate TRAVLR’s platform. Others include Discover beyond for BBC Global News, Nickelodeon Tourist attractions, MTV Travel and 10Travlr for Paramount ANZ.

Concrete Playground claims the platform allows them to retain audiences within their ecosystem for longer, generating an additional revenue stream and capturing behavioral data that would otherwise be lost to other distribution channels.

According to the company, this model benefits travelers, media companies and the travel industry, which have traditionally experienced a fragmented travel booking journey across multiple platforms and vendors.

Harold B. McConnell