Class 9 student stabs classmate after fight in playground

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Nagpur: In a horrific incident, an underage student allegedly stabbed his bandmate with a sharp knife after an argument broke out between them while he was playing football on the school premises. The incident happened on June 29. The two students are studying in Class 9 at Center Point School in Nagpur.
The injured student was immediately taken to hospital. Meanwhile, the Gittikhadan police opened the investigation, India today reported. According to the police, a few students were playing football in the schoolyard when a student from class 9 arrived on the ground. Afterwards, a fight broke out between the boys, after one of them was allegedly hit by the soccer ball.

In no time, the fight escalated, following which, in a fit of rage, the other boy entered the classroom, pulled a knife from his bag and stabbed the other . A few students in the field alerted the teacher, who rushed to the scene and took the injured boy to hospital.

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Similarly, in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat, an underage boy stabbed his classmate at a coaching institute following an argument about six months ago.

According to the complainant, his son and his friend went to the same coaching institute on Thursday evening. Some time later, the man received a phone call from his son’s friend informing him that his child had been stabbed by a classmate.

As the victim’s father rushed to the scene, his son identified the assailant and told him that the accused had stabbed him in the left side of the chest and slashed his wrist.

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